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Rank Reset Changes

In the patch notes, you remark for "balance" that each rank reset day, players will be moved to the next lowest crest color. It is unclear if the reset rank will have any pips or not.

Presently a rank 14 survivor with no pips will reset to a rank 16 survivor with no pips, but not a gray 17. The proposed change will mean unless a survivor is actually rank 12 they will automatically drop a number of ranks to 17, that is 13, 14, 15, 16 will drop to 17.

Is the intention of the change to promote a huge influx of players to the of gray ranks who may have been as a high as Rank 13 and 3/4 pips? How will this assist new survivors and killers at rank 20?

I understand presently to provide shorter que times for new killers they are allowed to play against any rank in the que, not just ones no more than 6 ranks higher.

This is why some adjustment to the emblem system might be needed.

My suggestion is to remove depips altogether but make it harder to pip up. For example a safety pip is granted at 6-9 points, at 10-13 points a pip is awarded, and at 14-16 points a double pip. I was suggesting 12 -14 points for a single, and 15-16 points for a double pip. This will stop players deliberately depipping a rank by disconnecting playing like trash being afk, as they will simply get a safety and no change. At the same time by raising the number of points needed to pip it should slow down the fast progression supposedly experienced in a season.

Having a "ranked" system in Dead by Daylight would make more sense if there were end of season rewards for reaching a certain rank.

Then I realized there hasnt been a single thread about this small change other than me talking about it from time to time. So that probably indicates that very few players even care about ranks or pips, and are more focused on other aspects of the game such as blood scores, amusing builds and completing the Rift Challenges.


  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    There isnt a ranked system.

    Your "rank" is a matchmaking tool. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. But without it, EVERY game would have ranks 20-1 in them, and be absolutely unplayable. At least as is, it does some good.

  • RevansithRevansith Member Posts: 367

    So the bitter pill I have to swallow is that I am simply not good enough to rank up despite having over 600 hours in the game. I now have to deal with the stupid rank achieves that everyone seems to be getting apart from me. Its like rubbing my nose in my apparent failure not only to rank up but also failign to get giveaway achieves.

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