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OK 2nd round the survivor

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Lucia was a very extroverted person always going to parties hosted by her friends and would never miss one of her friends ballet plays. One day she fell asleep to wake up in a auditorium hearing a familiar tune.

1st perk: Rock on

When safely unhooking, healing a survivor or cleansing a totem will give you a token (3 max). Which each token will give you a 2.5 speed in any action. for the rest of the trial

2nd perk: epic exit

when the killer successfully hits you, you leave no scratch marks for 4 seconds. This perk has a 30 second cool down.

3rd perk: Hot wire

When the killer regreses a generator, working on that generator for 6/4/2 seconds will give you a 2/5/10% speed increase for the remainder of the progression left this perk resets every time YOU complete a jen.

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