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Struggle phase makes playing the game impossible for people with some motor disabilities

I love playing DBD, but the way the struggle phase is currently designed prevents a whole swath of people from enjoying it too. For those not in the know, some people have trouble mashing buttons repeatedly. These people also generally have trouble with Quick time events in other games, but as a whole, games have been moving away from requiring inputs that these people just can't do.

Everyone knows that you're not supposed to die on hook during the struggle phase. You might, but for a person with regular control over their fingers, this isn't something that's a problem. I can't see why the struggle phase is still like this. Is the small amount of tension that the possibility of death might provide worth cutting off access to the game to a huge amount of people?

If the real problem is that the players need to have the option to die in this phase, why not just add a button that says "stop struggling"? I'm confused as to why this is still a part of the game honestly.

Lastly, while you can run a script if you're on PC, this isn't a proper solution. Console players (to my knowledge), still don't have a way to circumvent this and lots of people are too apprehensive about scripts to run them or are just unaware of the fact that they could. You shouldn't have to use external tools to play a game.

BEhavior really should catch up to the rest of the game industry as far as accessibility options go.


  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 939

    they should just change it to hold for everyone's sake.I use a macro for wiggle and struggle I can't imagine how many thousands of keystrokes it must have saved me now.

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