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New Survivor and Killer Idea: The Scream Queens Chapter

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So I'm a huge fan of the Scream Queens TV Series created by Ryan Murphy back in 2015. Season 1 especially since the aesthetic made the horror comedy campy and fun yet mysterious at the same time as you were trying to find out who the killers were. There are quotes from the series that have made it into the world as common sayings and has had a memorable meangirl in pop culture history. Obviously this is a licensed chapter but I'd imagine it can be easy to obtain due to this franchise being lesser known than Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.

NEW KILLER: The Devil//Boone Clemens
Appearance: The Wallace University Red Devil Mascot Costume
Weapon: Two Axes
Power: Intimidation
Basically what this power does is that, similar to the Shape, the Red Devil can zone in on a survivor and once the Red Devil activates the Intimidation, the survivor freezes in fear leaving them vulnerable to a stab that'll knock them down. The Red Devil will only have 3 opportunities to do this power.

You Belong To Me: Killing those kids took 20 years in the making, when a survivor is striked, their speed doesn't reach full capacity in that burst of energy when getting hit and trying to escape the killer. The survivors speed slows down by 5% then by 7% and then finally by 10%, making it hard to escape easily from the Devil's grasp.

Hex: Divide and Conquer: When The Devil is able to hook a survivor, the survivor's auras will not be shown until after 6 seconds (at starting level) to the other survivors, leaving them incapable of knowing where their fellow survivors are until it's about too late. At the highest level, the perk will reach to 18 seconds where the survivors aura won't be shown to the others.

Meticulous Lethality: When striking a survivor down onto the ground, the survivors bleed out speeds up more than normal by 4% at starting level then reaches to 12% at highest level (4%, 8%, 12%). Meaning you don't really have to put them on a hook!

Mori: Pushes the survivor to the ground and The Devil holds them down with his foot and proceeds to chop the survivor's arms off with the axes and the finally chops off their head. As inspired by Caulfield's death in Scream Queen's 7 Minutes In Hell.

NEW SURVIVOR: Chanel Oberlin (The Mean Bitch In Charge)
Kappa! Bitch: In a unique perk, Chanel will be the only survivor capable of hitting the killer back but will have a cooldown of 60 seconds. Hitting the killer will stun the killer for 2 seconds at starting level, then at 3 seconds, and then at 4 seconds. By the next level the cooldown will decrease to 40 seconds and at final level the cooldown will reach 25 seconds. This will obviously be a teachable perk. (I'm not sure about this one because it may give survivors too much power but I don't know)

Sisterhood: When together with other survivors on generators, when faced with skill check, Chanel has a wider chance of landing a Great Skill Check by 4% at starting level then at 6% then at 8% getting the generators done faster of course.

Minion Work: In this perk, Chanel will be see the aura of the exit gates opening once another survivor has opened them, giving her quick access to get out of the situation without having to put herself at risk of opening the gates herself. Not only that, but she will receive the same amount of bloodpoints as the survivor who opened the gates.

Offering: KKT Sorority Ring - Increases the chances of the Entity sending everyone to the Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority House

Map: Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority House
The Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority House is honestly so [BAD WORD] iconic from the pastel aesthetic to the underground tunnels and to Chanel's room with the huge ass walk in closet. I think this would make a great indoor map.

Overall, I kinda want something more colorful added to the game since everything is so dim and dark and I think the pastel factor that was presented in scream queens with all the eccentric fur coats and heels really can separate shake up the game aesthetic wise.

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    Love it. 😎👍🏼

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