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What System do you use for Dead By Daylight.

LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,452
edited November 2019 in Polls

Just a curious thought I wondered what people mostly used for playing DBD in 2019.

  1. I wont include a multiple option as I want the primary gaming platform you have used for 2019 to play DBD.
  2. I wont include Mobile as it's in select counties in beta and limited to a very small pool.

What System do you use for Dead By Daylight. 108 votes

WeederickPuggyMohawkBossGibberishSlay___AdelooSeiko300AjaxGuntersonPandomFibijeandrimmalorSpartagone45MiriamGPluTapeKnotMegaWafflearslaNSN1P3R5G3TH3ADse05239SteenGooier 54 votes
FoggyDownpourPokerface303brokedownpalaceAssassinZodiacGrandkuramaKaiElkI_am_NeganTragicSolitudeHorrorLover74TheRockstarKnightJawsIsTheNextKillerPhotos94pootis_BearyobudddGrootDudeWalker_of_the_fog_96Boosted_DwightMedicSpirit7musstang62 36 votes
CL4P_TRAP_ERSpacingLlamasTheLegendDyl4n1ASurvkillivorerXxkuroxshiroxXAwakeyDeadVisionpleasedontbetoxic117pichumudkipMissBehavingXDustyDan31PigMainClaudettePet_The_LizardsMysteriousPersonhuntressmain03 15 votes
FilledPizzaNaomiWiredGamerOni 3 votes
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