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No hatch spawn

BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

Hello there

I think this may have happend earlier to me, but this time I can confirm it.

Platform: PC

Issue: The hatch didn't spawn. I just had a normal match, 4 gens done, 3 kills. I started looking for the hatch and after circling the map multiple times (pale rose) I didn't find it anywhere. The last survivor experienced the same, told me in the post game chat.

Steps: Can't really tell steps, just game specifics.

Clown - Solvent Jug and Ether 15%

Monitor and Abuse, Enduring, Spirits Fury, Devour Hope (5 Stacks but broken)

4 gens done

3 kills (4 in the end but obviously 3 when hatch should have spawned)

pale rose swamp map

Probably a lot of useless info, but better to have to much.


  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 10,235

    Did any survivor bleed out on the ground? I've seen instances in the past where they've actually bled out on where the hatch was due to spawn and then the hatch didn't spawn, which is why I ask.

  • BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

    No, all died on hook.

    There was no sound of the hatch eather, and I think if the scenario you mentioned happens there still is the sound right?

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