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it's cool they fixed servers but i still can't play cause of Host Unreachable

not only whole day yesterday the game didn't work, now when live servers are working, i still can't get a game - it keeps kicking me with Host Unreachable. had 4 of them in a row so far. not a single match.

finally though i got attention of some BHVR official.

for that i had to start an ugly shitstorm on Twitter, get insulted by multiple people calling me Karen and telling me to "play something else". but no shitstorm never did anything. i've texted them on Twitter multiple times, i've texted them on facebook, i texted the support and only got generic answers.

so only way to actually get some recognition is to be extremely vocal and tweet like 100 times?? i mean i had the time, what about others? do you have 7 hours you can spend on just shittalking on Twitter? god i hope not cause that's pathetic. i know i am pathetic. but two months of this [BAD WORD] error is OUTRAGEOUS.


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