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what rank 2 survivors act like.

EpicFailTryHardEpicFailTryHard Member Posts: 1,316
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i am hiding in a locker, yes.  not many seem to know it but this is beneficial against the doctor.  it brings your crazy down and makes one less prone to randomly screaming due to your association with the doctor.  i eventually concede at the end of the clip as i had been combating toxic antics the entire game.

nothing new.  rank 2 player opening locker, rank 10 killer that tunnels like a boss.  toxicity takes precedence over all else for these people.  first hook for kate and she suicides for a 5000 point game.  remind me again why i should want to play with these people?  


  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095

    The guy actually gave you a chance to escape by not opening the closet before picking up Kate and you wasted it. I would have killed you too like "Stupid #########, why did you get out"

  • EpicFailTryHardEpicFailTryHard Member Posts: 1,316
    i stated in the initial post that by that time i had tired of the 3 stooges antics of my "teammates".  i exited in hopes of getting a wglf stack but ultimately elected for suicide.
  • KillingInstinctKillingInstinct Member Posts: 272

    It wasn't very smart of you to jump out of the closet with that timing. U kinda deserve the death there. But her telling the doctor u were in there seems a bit bs. Not sure why she would be like that

  • EpicFailTryHardEpicFailTryHard Member Posts: 1,316
    edited July 2018
    my point.  rank 2 survivor.  there was other silliness such as chronic sandbagging.  i suicided as i was fed up at that point.
  • ChraizEChraizE Member Posts: 232

    typical toxic survivor trying to screw somebody over just because they can and of course there are no consequences so it will continue to happen until the devs start taking action! At least they are talking about it now that's something.

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