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Where is the best area to submit suggestions? I have a few that I would love to be seen...

  1. New Killer: Art the Clown from Terrifier would be an amazing addition that the licensing wouldn’t cost much since it’s an indie film.
  2. New skin for The Shape from the Rob Zombie edition of the movies would be really cool (as purchasable cosmetics, so would make the money back).
  3. New Killer: Pinhead from Hellraiser. He would fit right into this universe, the hooks play perfectly into his character.
  4. Lastly I know it’s been mentioned before but console crossplay for PS4/Xbox would be great to shortened wait times and increase overall player base.

I hope this is the right area for this, if not please let me know where to submit these ideas.

Thank you.


  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,307
    edited November 2019

    The best place for topics like this is Feedback and Suggestions, or if it's a new killer concept, sometimes Fan Creations is also appropriate. I can tag the mods to move your thread to the appropriate section for you 😊@MandyTalk @Rizzo90 @Gay Myers (Luzi)

    EDIT: Rizzo has kindly moved your topic, so you're all good! The Feedback and Suggestions category is checked regularly by the devs, so this is the best place for your topic to be if you want them to see it.

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  • Kanes_InfernoKanes_Inferno Member Posts: 27

    Thank you very much, hopefully they see these. I appreciate the assistance in getting the topic moved.

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