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In-game Crash

NevishiaNevishia Member Posts: 4
edited November 2019 in Technical Issues

Hello, i tried to look for it in google. But with no results.

At the start i had just one crash in every few games. with "access violation - code c0000005". But then after few weeks it started to crash in every second/third game. So i did few steps, starting from re-install game, steam, windows. Repair memory/register. Searched for corrupted system files. Run as administrator/compatibility. Make update for windows, graphic and every other driver. Re-installed C++ and framework libary. And probably few more methods that atm i don't remember. After all these steps i have some different crash "Unhandled exception", and still crashig in every second/third game. Could it be the RAM fault or some component in my PC?

I really like that game but if there will be no solution. ATM i just don't have the fun from the game.

Any ideas?


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