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Can we have stats about the challenges?

Mostly I want to know how much the average survival time has dropped in the one day, now that EVERYONE is bumrushing the hook to farm EVERYONE instantly.

Because hey, let's not put 25 unhooks halfway through the path to stagger people reaching it, let's put it FIRST.

And hey, let's have a perk which means no matter how horribly you farm someone TWICE and how fast they go down, it cannot possibly count as an unsafe unhook, even if they're dead 30 seconds into a match.

These challenges are real fun.


  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,414

    I'm very curious about this myself. I tried playing survivor for a little bit to work on the unhook challenge... the matches didn't go well.

    For example: Up against the Trapper. Three survivors left. I got downed. Someone across the map stepped in one of his traps, so Trapper goes all the way across the map to get that survivor and hook them (death hook). The third survivor just Urban Evaded around, staying far away from me. They had sooo much time to pick me up, and I even crawled their way. But instead they ignored me, and the Trapper found me and hooked me in the basement. Pretty sure the survivor left me on the ground so they could save me off the hook. Rather than let them use me like a farming tool, I struggled until they were most of the way down the stairs and then let myself die. They died, too. 4k for the Trapper.

    Teammates are the real killers.

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