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Fan chapter idea: The inner beauty

kate_best_girlkate_best_girl Member Posts: 312

New Survivor: Chrissy!

Survivor backstory: Chrissy was always a carefree and sweet boy who loved taking care of his friends, even at a cost of himself. He loved playing rhythm games and practicing dances in his free time but this would also take up a lot of his spare time. One day while doing his usual routine of going to the arcade to play whatever rhythm games there was, suddenly he heard his name being called from a recently closed clothing store. He cautiously looked at the stores CLOSED sign, while hesitating on whether or not to go in he heard his name again and his curiosity got the best of him. He pushed the door to find it surprisingly unlocked so he entered. The more he heard his name the further he ventured into the store until it got darker and darker, before he knew it he couldn’t see anything. He blinked and suddenly moonlight filled the store, he left quickly to find out it was night time. Fog filled the air as a screech was heard and dread filled his body. He knew for sure this place was different, but he knew he was needed.

New survivor look: Chrissy has long curly brown hair, green eyes, tan skin and is 5’5. He wears a black cropped hoodie (similar to Nea’s), black combat boots, denim short shorts (similar to Kate’s but more modern and fashionable), and knee high stockings. (Yes Chrissy is canonically a trap) he would also use the female animations due to his small frame and structure.

survivor perk 1, Dashing By: after unhooking a survivor, both you and the survivor gain a 150% speed boost for 3 seconds. Dashing By causes exhaustion for you for 60/50/40 seconds. Dashing By causes exhaustion for the unhooked survivor for 30/20/10 seconds.

survivor perk 2, Hit and Run: After stunning the killer with a pallet, you leave no scratch marks for 3/4/5 seconds. Hit and Run has a cool down of 55/50/45 seconds.

survivor perk 3, Friendship: If you are in the healthy state and within 10/12/14 meters of an injured survivor they gain the endurance status effect. If they are hit they lose the endurance status effect but you take the hit and became injured. Friendship will not become active if you are injured, dying, or hooked.

New Killer: The mannequin!

New Killer’s backstory: One day a man named Ezekiel opened a clothing store in a mall, he named it The flowered boutique and it was extremely popular. It soon became the most popular clothing store in the mall and Ezekiel became extremely wealthy but with his wealth growing so did his pride. He was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his designs, plagued by creative block he was losing inspiration for his outfits but then it hit! It wasn’t his designs that where bad it was the mannequin! For his designs to truly shine he needed a new mannequin, one that would do whatever he needed it too and would fit the perfect criteria. He knew his perfect mannequin was in his mall but who...and then there she was, a girl named Maria who perfectly fit his criteria. While she was in the dressing room he managed to grab her and bring her to the back room. He spent months torturing, molesting, and brutalizing Maria to fit his idea of mannequin til she couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed onto a mannequin in the corner of the room and tried to get up but it was no use, withered beyond anything she died clutching onto this mannequin. Suddenly Maria woke up, her body was hardened and felt like plaster. She was the mannequin now and she felt an urge inside urge to return the pain inflicted on her onto others.

The Mannequin’s design: The Mannequin has black flowy hair that falls down to her chest, her plaster mouth broken and slit to both ears and pieces of glass where her teeth should be. Her eyes are painted black similar to clowns and her hands have extremely sharp long nails she uses as her weapon.

The Mannequin’s power: The Mannequin starts off with 5 clones of her that she can place wherever she wants. These clones have collision and can be used to block off loops. Within 20 meters she can switch control to any mannequin within range, this will switch her body to the mannequin she chose and leave her current body in her last location (similar to spirits husk). Survivors can dismantle the mannequins but need a toolbox to do so, dismantling the mannequins counts as a sabotage action and by default takes 15 seconds to do. If a mannequin is broken it will repair itself in 80 seconds.

New killer perk 1, Jumpscare: When you initiate a chase with a survivor you gain a 10/15/20% speed boost for 4 seconds. Jumpscare has a cool down of 150/125/100 seconds.

New Killer perk 2, Blood Pour: Survivors who are healing have a 3/6/9% additional chance of triggering a skill check when healing. Healing skill checks now are cursed. Hitting a good skill check regresses healing progression by 3.5%. Hitting a great skill check gives no additional bonus to healing speed.

New killer perk 3, Loyalty Test: You become obsessed with one survivor. While the obsession is working on a generator, all other survivors gen repair speed is decreased by 10%. Once the obsession dies, all generators explode and are instantly regressed by 10/20/30%.

killer stats: she has base stats but her height is small.


  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,015

    I love the Killer idea, although I think without a toolbox it should take twice as long. The design and power are great, though.

  • kate_best_girlkate_best_girl Member Posts: 312

    Maybe but I dont want her to bascially be able to be a useless M1 killer in lot of games since SWF could easily just group up and destroy her Mannequins as she places them. But thank you for liking my design it means a lot ^-^

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,015

    Oh no I get that you want them to be more than little barriers that are easily dismantled. Perhaps they reform after a period of time, or she has a pool of five and when one is taken down she gains it back to reposition. I really want to see something like this in the game now, and it would be a thrill when one of them nearby comes to life, or strikes you when you get too close because the killer swapped at the right time.

  • kate_best_girlkate_best_girl Member Posts: 312

    Oh they do reform after 80 seconds with base kit! And I was coming up with playstyles for her and I think barries could work well and you could place them near gens that way when youre walking to a gen you can swap places sneak attack or something! She could be the new totem protector >.>

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