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My Opinion on The Archives (for who cares, of course)

OrchidOrchid Member Posts: 38
edited November 2019 in General Discussions

I did buy the premium path and I do regret doing so. When i saw the first challenges i was excited and hyped. Tome level 1 is really good and solid. It is not too much grinding and it is pretty fun to work with. Took me a full day to complete, I streamed it all, I really had fun.

Then level 2 came out. Now i was a bit underwhelmed because it just copied some quests from level 1, added more grinding to them and made everything unfun. I did actually take my time to complete them and it only took me a week or two at maximum. I didn't play that much in those 2 weeks anyways because i was pretty busy, but it didn't really matter.

I was pretty excited like an idiot about level 3. I was really hoping for some entertaining stuff. But holy ######### that changed quickly. This is so annoying. Honestly. So much unnecessary work for what? Just repeating everything from the last level and adding even more time wasting and unfun goals. Very good. Keep up the great work. I really refuse to go out my way, to kill the fun for everyone just to hook 15 people in basement. Like who enjoys this. Maybe once or twice u consider some fun basement builds but other than that it is so braindead imo.

And don't even get me started on the Noed one. I did play Freddy once and sacrificed 3 survivors in EGC with noed and blood warden and i felt so bad for it. Like making me repeat the same experience is painful for me, it is just horrible. And also if killers will run noed every single game for that trash quest, no survivor can do the unhooking one either, because it will be a lot of face camping involved and slugging in the EGC on killer side. And if survivors get rid of Noed early, killers will still go so ######### far just to finish it and will make the EGC a nightmare for everyone.

Also i m so bored by only seeing trapper after trapper after trapper every single game because of this tome. Lots of farming involved, killers don t play properly, survivors don t play properly, there is chaos, farming. Those archives are completely missing their point and kind of ruin the experience for everyone by being unbalanced. Just because you advance in levels doesn t mean they should stop being creative and should be replaced by really hard ones. Because then there is nothing left to hope for.

Not to mention the fact that i wasted 4 hours to only get 18 safe unhooks out of 25 because killers have to camp for the EGC. So unbalanced. And the reward isn t even worth it. I spend 4 hours just for 30k bloodpoints that i can get with Prove Thyself and We Are Gonna Farm Forever from a single game. Not to mention Bloody Party Streamers or Escape Cake.

I do think they will come down to earth and fix this, maybe they will really consider it, i would be really happy in this case. Because right now premium pass means only playing normal games for rift fragments to get skins.

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