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On vertical gameplay in regards to balanced landing

Keeping a reduction in stagger duration and removing the exhaustion part of the perk (like the previous tiers one and two) would be healthier in the longer run for the diversity of gameplay. I would much rather the developers focus on fixing the difference in how killers fall from how survivors fall than the developers make adjustments to the perk that don't even fix the issues I find with it when I face it as killer. 

The most annoying part of the perk for me is the sprint on landing, because if I'm a killer who is simply walking after a survivor to catch up, I can do practically nothing against the perk if it is used just to give the survivor distance on me. 

I've played against the perk on maps like Haddonfield and Hawkins, and I don't find the stagger reduction to be a problem in the slightest. The most aggravating things on those tiles is how survivors suddenly get movement speed boosts and how my hitbox prevents me from being dexterous and clever while in the air.

My plea, developers, is that you reconsider your decision on the perk and amend the most aggravating part of the perk rather than attempting to remedy a diversification in viable chase routes or playstyles.

To vertical gameplay in general, please reduce the length of the top-knob on the sausage that is the survivor hitbox.


  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,083

    I would rather have the stagger reduction be kept and gaining the silencing when dropping down as well and just remove the Sprint Burst. And I feel like many would.

    However, I also still think the perk could just stay the way it is now in the live version, and instead the devs should just try and create maps while keeping balanced landing in mind.

    I do understand why they made the change though, so that vertical loops can be effective even without balanced landing without becoming broken with balanced landing.

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