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Changes Oni needs to make him more enjoyable

ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,083
edited November 2019 in 3.4.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

Now I've seen many posts about him and the changes he still needs. Personally, I think what really needs adressing is his slugging potential. Many have already written something about that but I still wanted to make a thread regarding him anyways.

The change I really want to see is to have his power deactivate as soon as he downs a survivor, and not when he picks one up. But to compensate for this, he should not lose any of his power charge when his power deactivates, or at least only 10% or so. This way he won't be encouraged to slug but be able to get his power back quicker in general.

I have seen people say that he is uncounterable while he is in his Blood Fury mode, though I personally don't feel like that's totally true. His counterplay feels quite loop dependent. On loops like car loops, his dash doesn't really do anything in my experience.

Let's say the Oni is at the front side of the car, and the survivor is at the back side. Oni can charge his dash and go either left or right. However, he won't be able to turn 90 degrees while he keeps dashing because he doesn't have enough time to turn in the direction he wants to go while strafing. This means he'll have to let go of his dash as soon as he reaches the 90 degree turn on the back side of the car.

At a narrow loop this can work and might even be uncounterable because he can just make a 180 degree flick, and get the survivor because his lunge still reaches far enough. But at a loop like a car loop, he has to cover a small distance after turning 90 degrees, before turning another 90 degrees to reach the side the survivor is currently at. His lunge won't cover that distance though, not at all. Which means his dash doesn't really help at these kind of loops.

All loops that are more equally sized on all four sides are strong against Oni. Like many of the Macmillan Estate loops, that are more circle shaped. At least from the experience I've gathered.

Of course if BHVR does end up nerfing his power a bit, I won't be disappointed, as long as they compensate for that nerf in another way. Like having Blood Orbs fill up his power meter a bit more. I would just be disappointed if it got any heavy nerf that would make his power noticeably weaker. I do have to say that besides his slugging, I really enjoyed going against him. I actually enjoyed that whenever he used his power, you had to be very cautious and more stealthy. He was the first killer in like forever I almost felt a bit of fear against.

I read one post that suggested to have him not be able to see scratchmarks while he is dashing. Not while his power is active entirely, only while he is dashing. I feel like this would be a fantastic change. As compensation the devs could slightly increase the amount of charge Blood Orbs or injuring survivors fill Onis power meter. But having him not see scratchmarks while he is dashing would give survivors a bit of a chance to lose him, which would add some interesting and fun counterplay to him in my opinion.

So to sum up, changes I would personally give him:

  • Power deactivates when downing a survivor, not when picking a survivor up
  • Have him not lose any or just barely any of his power charge when his power deactivates, instead of 50% of his power charge
  • You should not be able to see Scratchmarks while Oni is dashing
  • and maybe have Blood Orbs or injuring survivors fill up his power charge meter slightly more than it does now to compensate for giving survivors a bit more counterplay against him while his power is active
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