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How to fix legion and make them Mid-Tier/High Tier (read this devs).

Basic attack penalty

Remove the basic attack penalty from legion. I don't understand why you remove 50% of his power gauge when his power can't even kill.

Frank's mix tape

Frank's mix tape is very bad for two reason.

  • 1. He take 4 hits to down someone with it.
  • 2. He take 24s to use the power again.

Combined with reason 1 he takes approximatively 1m 20s to down someone it's simply just bad and isn't worth to even use.

You could fix it by first making the frenzy cooldown to start with the fatigue like nurse then, you reduce the hit required by 2. Which make two hits to down and 40s to down if no hits have been missed.

(Frank's mix tape) Alternative change

Make it so he increase feral frenzy movement speed by 0,2 m/s.

Deep wound status effect fix

To solve once and for all the issues the DW can be exploited (moonwalk/no terror radius). Is to add a proximity radius. Proximity radius work like this.

Once you are in the proximity radius (close from the killer) the DW timer never go down no matter if he moonwalk or not / if he got a terror radius or not. Legion have a 32m terror radius so his proximity radius should be the same.

Further Change

If you want Legion to be mid-tier i think you should buff and remove some change then buff the useless add-ons. Let's get started.

  • Fatigue : Take 4s and his fatigue add-ons reduce it by 0,625s (with very rare and rare CD reduction add-ons). He make pretty much no difference. I suggest you to revert the fatigue back to 3s. From that change Legion might become instant mid-tier.
  • Movement Speed in Frenzy : you buffed his m/s with the PTB. They now move at 5,2 m/s is a great change but i would suggest that you also revert the old legion speed (it was 5,28 m/s) which is 2% movement speed. Current Legion move at 5,0 m/s (125%) PTB Legion move at 5,2 m/s (130%) and old Legion move at 5,28 m/s (132%).
  • Frank's mix tape and Stab Wound Study add-ons : for FMT see above and for Stab Wound Study simply increase his value a bit.
  • Cooldown : Old legion had a 15s cooldown but was able to use his power if his power gauge was recharged by at least 3%. Now current legion have a 20s cooldown and have to wait the full gauge to use his power. Simply revert his cooldown to 15s but keep the full gauge requirement.


After seeing many post and Gameplay from the PTB Legion despise the speed changes and pins changes is still a low tier killer. Their Fatigue is still to long and probably the major factor that make them very weak, They also got gauge penalty after each basic attack which make no sense anymore. Legion can't kill anymore so he make no sense to punish them for a power that is literally NON-LETHAL.

The legion nerf you've made by counting the frenzy as special attack destroy many perk synergy. Legion is not in a good place to allow such a nerf. I do understand why you did this nerf is to reduce the annoying aspect of his power but is not a good choice. The mending time nerf is another aspect that make legion even weaker and once again you did that make his power even less of a threat and annoyance.

@Almo You really want to please the legion fan and make legion a good killer without being an annoyance and any broken mechanics these is the way to go.

  • Fatigue : reverted to 3s.
  • Cooldown : reverted to 15s but with the full gauge requirement and starting with the fatigue like nurse.
  • Frenzy Movement : reverted to 5,28% (132%).
  • Basic attack penalty (gauge depletion on hits) removed.
  • Keep the mending time to 12s (16s max with add-ons).
  • Fix Frank's Mix Tape : ( By reducing the hits required by 2) or changing it to (Increase Frenzy Movement Speed by 0,2 m/s) Adjust the timer reduction accordingly with Stab Wound Study add-on and deep wound timer change.
  • Fix DW exploit : by adding a proximity radius ( if you are close from legion from 1m to 32m) DW timer don't go down no matter if you are in chase/terror radius or legion having no terror radius. This will prevent legion from moonwalking/exploit the no terror radius perks.
  • DW timer and Stab Wound Study changes : Reduce the Deep Wound timer to 15s from 30s. As for Stab Wound Study (considerably reduce the Deep Wound timer should reduce the timer by 5s). Frank's Mix Tape reduce moderably the Deep Wound timer per hit in frenzy. If Stab Wound Study is used with FMT all hit reduce 5s of the timer (still down in two hit). If FMT is used without SWS the timer is reduced by 7,5s per hit (which still down with two hit.)

Those change should make them mid-tier without making a broken killer like launch or the newly nemesis legion incoming.


  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    HELLLLOOOOO! The Fanatical Legion main here to ask you: Can I snag this post to keep in my Legion rework Idea thread and credit you there?

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 306

    Answer on main question about "how to make Legion mid tier or higher" is very simple. Devs not want to do that, as we see a "buff" on 3.4.0. Who responsible for this FF on-hit "buff" should be fired, he doesn't know what he doing. 

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,648

    I agree with everything, good job!

  • FairP1ayerFairP1ayer Member Posts: 451

    I just want to add it actually takes 5 FF hits to down with Frank’s Mixtape, myself and others have tested it, so it is even worse to use...

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923
    edited November 2019

    I thought about the ability to kill but still with frank mix tape. The multiple hit and to down is not a bad idea.

    Frank's Mix Tape could be like this : Each time you hit a survivor he reduce the mending timer by 25% once per survivor (max 4). which mean the 4th you will hit will down him like your idea.

    Yes i know that my OP say 4 hits because the first hit apply DW while the 4 hits down someone.

    Post edited by xllxENIGMAxllx on
  • FairP1ayerFairP1ayer Member Posts: 451

    Oh ok, just making sure. I personally kinda think bE didn’t need to increase how many hits it took to down with Frank’s especially after the heavy handed ner - I mean rework to The Legion.

  • AkiTheKittenAkiTheKitten Member Posts: 486

    Can we all agree that linking borrowed time to deep wounds is a big reason why they're scared to buff Legion or his Frenzy? I really wanted that dlc but Legion was either dc or a meme :(

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 861

    I don't really like the radius idea for DW. I prefer to make it TR or within a chase. Ik Nemesis can still be exploited, but as it is, it allows insidious to actually be useful, and gives synergy with dark devotion. Less synergy with the upcoming nerf, but still. Hell, could even make so survivors with DW don't leave scratch marks to make moonwalking useless. Ik that's a bit much, but DW is so divisive that it's difficult to come up with something that isn't too powerful or too weak, and without exploit.

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