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Status Update | Archives Tome 1 – Level 3 changes

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 5,309
edited November 2019 in General News

Since the release of Tome I Level III earlier this week, we have been keeping an eye out for feedback regarding the difficulty of challenges. While we intended for challenges to get gradually more difficult from one Level to the next, between your feedback and playing through the Tome ourselves, this most recent Level ended up being a little harder than we’d like, creating frustration for those who just want to complete the Tome and Rift. With this in mind, we have decided to reduce the requirements for most Level III challenges. 

When we originally planned the Tome and Rift, we had designed it in such a way that you would earn enough fragments from Player XP to finish The Rift by the time you complete all the challenges. Since the challenges can now be completed in fewer matches, you may need to play additional matches after completing the Tome in order to reach Tier 70 in The Rift. 

Those who have already completed challenges will not be affected. If your current progress surpasses the new lowered requirement, the challenge will automatically be completed. 

Changes to Tome 1 – Level 3 

  • Level 3: Liberator challenge 
  • Unhook 25 Survivor(s). Must unhook them safely. 
  • Is now: Unhook 10 Survivor(s). Must unhook them safely. 
  • Level 3: Last Minute Hero challenge 
  • Unhook 2 Survivor(s) after the Endgame Collapse has begun. Must unhook them safely. Complete in a single trial. 
  • Is now: Unhook 1 Survivor(s) after the Endgame Collapse has begun. Must unhook them safely. Complete in a single trial. 
  • Level 3: Blindsided challenge 
  • Blind the Killer 5 time(s). 
  • Is now: Blind the Killer 4 time(s). 
  • Level 3: Locked & Found challenge 
  • Fully deplete 8 key(s). 
  • Is now: Fully deplete 3 key(s). 
  • Level 3: Life Giver challenge 
  • Heal a total of 15 health state(s) of any Survivor. 
  • Is now: Heal a total of 10 health state(s) of any Survivor. 
  • Level 3: Escape Artist challenge 
  • Escape 10 trial(s). 
  • Is now: Escape 5 trial(s). 
  • Level 3: All Better! challenge 
  • Completely heal 4 health state(s) of any Survivor. Complete in a single trial. 
  • Is now: Completely heal 3 health state(s) of any Survivor. Complete in a single trial. 
  • Level 3: Obsessive challenge 
  • Kill the Obsession 7 time(s) by any means. 
  • Is now: Kill the Obsession 4 time(s) by any means. 
  • Level 3: Property Damage challenge 
  • Damage a generator or destroy a dropped pallet 40 time(s). 
  • Is now: Damage a generator or destroy a dropped pallet 30 time(s). 
  • Level 3: Buried Underground challenge 
  • Hook 15 Survivor(s) in the basement. 
  • Is now: Hook 5 Survivor(s) in the basement. 
  • Level 3: Got You
  • Interrupt and grab 6 Survivor(s).
  • Is now: Interrupt and grab 3 Survivor(s).


Level 3: Iridescent Age challenge 

This challenge will now give progression appropriately.  

Release schedule 

Planned to go live: ETA to be confirmed 

You will not need to download an update to get these changes; we will be updating the requirements through the backend. If you are in-game at the time the changes go live, you may need to restart your game for changes to take effect. 

With these changes, we hope that players progress through the Tome and Rift at a steadier rate and unlock lore quicker. We will be using what we’ve learned with this first Tome to re-evaluate and adjust future Tomes to ensure that they are as fair and enjoyable as possible. 


The Dead by Daylight Team 

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