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[PC] Far too frequent involontary disconnection while normally playing. Please help :(

NecronWraithNecronWraith Member Posts: 2
edited November 2019 in Technical Issues


since dedicated server, I often disconnect involontary (maybe 1/3 of matches !!) killer or survivor side. it's VERY frustrating (no progression, loose items, can't finish the action etc....).

I'm pretty sure it is an internet/connection/server issue, especially because when I'm in my brother's home I haven't the same issues. I haven't succeed in finding something special while playing, but there's maybe something which proc this issue... (it's often when i'm repairing, brek pallet or pickup survivors...)

Even though, my box and ports are all open it seems. So I don't know what can I do ? please....


  • ohenohen Member Posts: 13

    sounds like whats happening to me and its the game I tried to fix it few times and they didn't work so its the game 100% or to be more accurate the servers

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