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Who would the worst possible existing killer to add to DbD be?

It doesn't necessarily need to be something from movies, as long as it does already exist in fiction and is not a classification such as "werewolf" or "vampire." Be specific. They must be humanoid.

I vote Jeff the Killer. Worst fictional serial killer I have ever seen. Has nothing interesting he can do. Looks dumb. Etc.

If we're talking killers that are actually from horror icon material I would say probably The Creeper. Just because flying would not work well in DbD and throwing things has already been done. There's nothing that could be done with him.



  • hocruxhocrux Member Posts: 211

    You know legion frank/Julie is debatable a spin-off of jeff/jane the killer right? Has the same characters always smiling, like to stab people and went full crazy when he is attacking similar to frenzy. I'm hoping for a jeff/jane the killer mask in the future for legion.

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031

    I thought they were based off of home invasion movies like The Strangers or The Purge

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,742

    They've said on stream Legion is based on the archtype of the psycho killer rushdown style of attacking. It's something that's existed for decades before that stuff.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,578


    We allready have 2 clowns in game we don't need more

  • hocruxhocrux Member Posts: 211

    Hate to say it but name other psycho killer who has similar rushdown style of attacking? Existed for decades? I don't recall any memorable killers tbh, and to have male/female version?

  • hocruxhocrux Member Posts: 211
    edited November 2019

    You're just naming killers who use knives now, and ghostface already has a dlc, so you telling me thats after releasing legion who from your view heavily inspired from ghostface, they released ghostface after? i'm asking you to evaluate legion(male/female) as a whole with his skills and then narrow down your list of potential adaptations

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,742
    edited November 2019

    It's not one given thing, that's why I clearly stated "Legion is based on the archetype," in the same sense that Spirit borrows elements from many Japanese ghost girls like Kayako, but isn't based on any given one. They're original characters.

    If you're going to demand one, then yes, Legion is majorly based on Scream, which has had 6 male and 3 female portrayers (which for some reason seems to be your defining factor of them) that I can remember. Their relentless pursuing nature, vicious and often multiple, non-lethal stabbings are iconic to the movies, and are largely present even so far back as the first scene with Drew Decker.

    If anything the nature of their power is more reflective of Ghostface than GHOSTFACE'S, which makes sense as they don't actually have the rights to Scream to make him the exact character. Ghostface was always in Sidney's face and wanted attention. He watched his victims but he always played with his food, where our GF stalks and moves in for one solid blow that downs people.

    So yes, they borrow from a lot of killers, many less memorable ones because they are based on a concept more than any one example, but no, they aren't the DBD dev's adaptation of a crappy photoshop with a paragraph of story.

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  • kate_best_girlkate_best_girl Member Posts: 1,078

    anything from space

  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,049

    a Jeepers Creepers chapter.

    no. just no.

  • The_Grim_Reaper99The_Grim_Reaper99 Member Posts: 34

    Legion (Frank) does bare a striking resemblance to Jeff the Killer the more I compare how they both look side by side. The sinister creepy smiles, the eyes how they look lidless giving the feel that they are staring into your soul, the jacket despite being leather, it still looks similar to Jeff’s hoodie. I guess the devs did use Jeff as inspiration for Legion.

    As for the actual discussion at hand, Slender Man. As much as I would like to see Slendy In the game and seems like a good fit, but as someone else stated, Slender man does not kill, he takes people and infects their minds. He can’t spread his influence if his victims are dead, nor would I see Slender man serve The Entity, seeing as Slender Man is perhaps a god itself of another world

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 507
    edited November 2019

    Well, apart from the stigma surrounding FnaF, Springtrap brings his own design challenges.

    What would his power be? How would you create a power that both fits the themes of FnaF, and fits into the gameplay of DbD?

    The animatronics' methods of killing tend to be too straightforward to provide interesting gameplay. Usually they just sneak up on you, sometimes crawling through the vents, then either forcefully stuff you into an animatronic suit (Which doesn't sound like it would be fundamentally different from hooking survivors), or kill you offscreen somehow. Maybe they strangle/crush you with their bare hands or bite your head off? Either way, what would differentiate them from killers like Myers or Ghostface?

    What would his animations look like? The animatronics have never had any 3D walking animations, much less all the animations you'd need for a full-fledged DBD killer. The FnaF games leave a lot to the imagination. It'd be difficult to create a killer that captures the same emotions one feels when playing a FnaF game when they're a fully visible and mobile creature, instead of a killer that briefly appears on a camera, or in a dark corner of your vision, before vanishing in the blink of an eye, then pouncing right in your face.

  • djsponge10djsponge10 Member Posts: 349

    Why? He’s such a funny and unique killer compared to everyone else in the game. Obviously he was scrapped already because they couldn’t do the flying killer thing but he can still run fast and throw ninja stars and stuff

  • ahandfulofrainahandfulofrain Member Posts: 528

    Stupid: FNAF or anything creepypasta

    Hard to balance: Leprechaun or Chuckie.

  • ahandfulofrainahandfulofrain Member Posts: 528

    Speaking of Psycho... GIVE US A NORMAN BATES CHAPTER.

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,065

    The Tina Tinkles doll.

    Don't... think about it.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,772

    I want fnaf, not because I think it would be good, but because it would make everyone mad and I find that funny too watch.

    For me, the killer I don't want is Pennywise. Ignoring the argument of 2 clown killers, he's a god, so I find it very hard too believe he could be controlled like a puppet by the entity.

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