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[PC] The game keeps disconnecting me for no reason

Every game or two I randomly get disconnected from the game. It can happen anytime: when I'm repairing a generator, running from the killer etc. Once I got kicked seconds after I hooked last survivor. I don't get any bloodpoints and I lose my item and add-ons as well. My internet connection is good, other games don't have this or similar issue. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


  • ohenohen Member Posts: 13

    yup sounds like what is happening to me and its the game as I tried a few things to fix it and its the game 100% or to be more accurate the servers

  • shirtlessdavidshirtlessdavid Member Posts: 12

    this is happening to a lot of people, including myself. really bad considering they are adding consequences for people who DC in a few days. it will lock us all out for no reason if they don't fix it.

  • SilentSpectreSilentSpectre Member Posts: 773

    Have you tried verifying your game files?

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