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Killer Idea: The Frost

Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 145
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Appearance: A frozen, frost-bitten male. Weapon is a pickaxe.

Height: Average

Terror Radius: 24 meters

Speed: 110% (4.4 m/s)

Power: Ice Age

Each time a generator is completed, ice slowly spreads out from the generator (2 m/s after 5 seconds of the generator being completed.) After 160 seconds, ice from generators goes away. Survivors standing on the ice are hindered, and if they stand on the ice for 20 seconds (saved when they step off the ice), they are injured and broken for 120 seconds, and hindered for the same amount of time.

The Frost can dig into ice, and travel any distance in the ice, and can continue traveling for 5 seconds after moving away from the ice. While digging, the Frost moves at 150% speed. After coming out of the ground, the Frost has the Undetectable status effect for 3 seconds.

Ice appears wherever the Frost walks. Ice from walking goes away after 80 seconds.

Iridescent Add-Ons:

Frostbite - Survivors who stand on the ice for 30 seconds are Broken, and slowed to 80% speed until the end of the trial.

Land of Ice - Ice spreads 5 m/s, even from where the Frost walks. It takes 20 more seconds for Survivors to be Broken from standing on ice.

Teachable Perks:

Cold Feet - For 10 seconds after a chase starts, each Survivor is hindered, and action speeds are slowed by 30% until a chase ends. Cold Feet can only activate once every 100/90/80 seconds.

Cliff Hanger - Hooked Survivors are inflicted with Blindness for 16 seconds after being hooked. For 30/45/60 seconds after being unhooked, Survivors are hindered.

Hex: Absolute Zero - Survivors injured by a basic attack have their movement speed reduced to 75% for 10 seconds. If Survivors are injured for 60/50/40 seconds, they are slowed to 80% movement speed, and have their action speeds reduced by 40%, as well as tremendously mangled until healed. The timer for the second effect does not go down while in a chase.

This does not stack.

Thank you for reading this! Feedback would be appreciated!

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