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New Chapter Suggestion: Jurassic Park

domriverdomriver Member Posts: 59
edited December 2019 in Creations

Killer : Velociraptor - ( When this killer is chosen in the beginning of the trial you will hear a hiss....)

Abilities: Screech/Growl - Velociraptor lets out a huge growl/screech that is heard throughout the entire map. Cooldown of 3 minutes for each Growl/Screech. Velociprator can walk and do this ability.

Notes: The idea of this ability is to confuse survivors where the killer might be coming from. The growl/screech can be heard as if the killer was right on you.

Chase: Velociraptor charges forward till it hits a survivor or hits a wall or object. ( When chase beings Velociraptor will let a screech before chasing)


Survivor : Alan Grant


Killer Perks:

Group Hunting : When 2 more of survivors are within 3 meters of each other and are within the terror radius of the killer their auras are shown for 2 seconds. Tier 1: 3 meters , Tier 2 : 6 meters , Tier 3: 9 meters.

Prey Can Not Hide: Any and all survivors that are injured and are in a locker and more than 50 meters away from you their auras are revealed to you for 2 seconds. For survivors when your aura shown to the killer due to this perk you will hear an auditory velociraptor growl. Tier 1: 50 meters , Tier 2: 45 Meters, Tier 3: 40 meters.

Leer: Killer must stand still when performing this perk** When a killer stares at you for more than 3 seconds the survivor and everyone within the terror radius will scream revealing their locations. Tier: 1, Killer's Terror Radius + 10 , Tier 2, Killer's Terror Radius +20, Tier 3 Killer's Terror Radius +30.


Survivor Alan Grant Perks

Electrical Taser: Earn Tokens to utilize your electrical taser for ONE use per trial. Must collect 5 tokens to use. To earn tokens protect other survivors from being hit. Hitting the Killer with the electrical taser will result in a STUN for 2 seconds. AIM CAREFULLY NOW!!! Tier 1: 2 second Stun, Tier 2: 3 Second Stun: Tier 3: 4 Second Stun.

Habitat Knowledge: All healing items have a 25% increase healing rate while being next to trees. Tier 1 25% healing rate, Tier 2 35% healing rate, Tier 3 45% healing rate.

Grant's Advice: When you unhook the same survivor twice in a row you and the unhooked survivor gain a 10% movement speed for 4 seconds. Tier 1: 10% Movement Speed, Tier 2 12% Movement Speed, Tier 3 14% Movement Speed. Exhaustion will apply for 5 seconds after speed bonus.**


Jurassic Park - Big Map ( i can get into more details later)

THOUGHTS People? im curious what you guys think. I think this could probably work. Of course there is so much that goes with it.

The Dinosaur can us his mouth to grab people and thrown on the hooks.

***PLEASE MOVE THIS TO SUGGESTIONS** i dont know why its in polls section - thank you!


  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,172

    What happens when i got equip "habitat knowledge" but im in gideon meat plant map,hawkins map or lerys memorial institute?

  • BlooperReelBlooperReel Member Posts: 36

    I like the idea of Jurassic Park but I have a few notes:

    The velociraptor hiss at the start of the trial wouldn't make it in.

    Screech/Growl is neat but ultimately it's a bit weak, it really doesn't do much good for the killer. The chase is more like the actual ability and in all honesty while it'll look cool, it's almost a crossover of Hillbilly's chainsaw and Demogorgon's Lunge.

    Group Hunting is a slightly stronger version of Discordance and a weaker version of Infectious Fright. Neither one of which I see in game often if at all, I feel like that's a good signifier for how Group Hunting will work out.

    Prey Cannot Hide is interesting but ultimately not helpful, most survivors that know the game well, know that lockers aren't very helpful outside of locker jukes and Inner Strength. The former being during chases and the latter isn't used much. It's a bit specific in my opinion but maybe not. I also don't think an auditory que is necessary.

    Leer is essentially just Infectious Fright. No offense.

    I like the concept of Electrical Taser but having to take 5 hits for other survivors is a lot more than you think, it's the equivalent to being hooked twice and then injured, so maybe drop it down to 3 Tokens.

    Habitat Knowledge is either too strong or overwhelmingly weak. MacMillan Estate, Autohaven Wreckers, Coldwind Farm, especially Backwater Swamp, and Red Forest all have trees out the wazoo. Meanwhile as Walker of the Fog said. Gideon Meat Plant, Lery's Memorial Institute, and Hawkin's Laboratory all lack trees.

    Personally I don't see too much of an issue with Grant's Advice but I feel like you have to tone down the percent, speed increases are a lot faster than you might think. Try 4/5/6% instead.

    I think overall, to sum it up, you should think of an alternative to his abilities. M1 is his basic lunge so consider dropping Screech/Growl and try to look at Hillbilly and Demogorgon and see how you can potentially make a different ability out of Charge. Velociraptor's perks as a whole need to be replaced to create more unique perks. If you can change how Habitat Knowledge works so that it works on every map you could have something interesting.

    My advice? Look at Velociraptor and Alan Grant, like really look them over and think, what are these guys true redeeming qualities and how can I twist those into Dead By Daylight.

    I'd suggest for Alan's redeeming qualities: Hardened Archeologist, Quick Thinking, and Knowledge Base

    For Velociraptor: Instinctual Predator, Pack Mentality, and Speed Demon.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,675

    I thought about a Jurrasic Park chapter before for a laugh.

    Dennis Nedry, a Raptor and a map.

    I know a Spitter could be seen as a more suitable nemesis for Nedry, but the Raptor would be cooler.

  • domriverdomriver Member Posts: 59

    Very interesting. I had several thoughts when coming up with certain abilities for instance like Leer you mentioned its like infectious fright? There is one distinct difference no attack is required just a stare. I was thinking about maps without Trees. Trying to come up with something very different. Also thinking about it electrical taser probably your right in regards to lower the amount of tokens to 3 instead of 5. I just didn't want this ability to be so easily attained. Could be a game changer. I appreciate the constructive criticism :) Velociraptor i was thinking of a mix between Demogorgon and Hillbilly. ( something along those lines but a bit different) Could you elaborate on Alan's perks?

    Hardened Archeologist, Quick Thinking, and Knowledge base?

  • BlooperReelBlooperReel Member Posts: 36

    They aren't so much Alan perks as just his in-movie qualities. If you want to think of them as perks then you'd probably want something to do with these:

    Hardened Archeologist - I don't really have anything for this simply because as I mentioned these are more of Alan's canonical qualities and aren't particularly perk ideas.

    Quick Thinking - increases action or player speed. It shouldn't be both.

    Knowledge Base - Auras are usually a good way to gain knowledge about what's going on elsewhere in the trial, so maybe try that.

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