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People upset at unsafe unhooks

Killers get mad and want to punish the one who was hooked thus they're against a better BT and instead want BT nerfed. How about if it is an unsafe unhook, the one on the hook is now hit instead of going to dying it is passed to the safe unhooker who gets injured or has to mend now because "at all costs" <<<make that a perk "if you are unhooked and hit in 30 seconds of coming off the hook within 24 meters of the killer, sloppy butcher, mangled and whatever are applied to the one unhooking unsafe and they must stop and mend". Now the farmers are punished along with the one getting unhooked unsafe is protected for 1 hit after hook for 30 seconds. That seems the most fair and then wouldn't need DS fixed back or BT upgraded 👍


  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 272

    30 seconds is a long time. Perhaps if you take a hit within the first 5 seconds... But even 10 seconds should be a safe unhook in my opinion. You can get far in 10 seconds.

    I like the concept of punishing farmers. But im not sure that's the way. I'll think on it too. As a community we can come up with something cool ;D

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 200

    Definitely agreed, whatever the current safe unhook timer is trade it to the unhooker not the unhooked. Now the killer can punish the farmer as they intend over the one who's essentially becoming a double farm for being unhooked and hooked right back 😭 😭

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