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The Actress (Killer Concept)

VortexasAVortexasA Member Posts: 7
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Actress Killer (DBD)

Height: Tall

Movement Speed: 4.6m/s

Lunge Range: Average

Terror Radius: 32m

Difficulty: Intermediate

Special Ability: Can disguise as the survivor they stalk for 2 seconds. Stalked survivors will forever be in a red outline (Similar visual effect to borrowed time) within 16m. To undisguise, hold m2 down for 1.2 seconds. While attempting to disguise, Terror radius decreases to 18m, and movement speed is reduced to 4.2m/s

Passive Ability is a fog. Over time the fog will go from 128m to 12m. This will happen over a span of 45 seconds (1st time) then 120 seconds (2+), afterwards the survivor has to look for a spotlight and fix it. This ability is similar to Freddy's Alarm clocks, except that auras [besides Downed/Hooked survivors] are hidden after 20 seconds of being in the fog. Hearing in the fog is also increased to survivors by 225%. You do not have a fog.

Spotlights are found around the map, seemingly empty. Once your fog is at 16m, one random spotlight will start to spark. The frequency of the spark is fast and loud (24m), however their Aura will not be revealed. There are a total of 6 spotlights around the map.

Flashlights can pierce through the fog. Once the fog reaches 20m, flashlight batteries are increased by 70%, and the wideness of the flashlights are increased by 50%, however, they’re  5% less effective. 


Staged Performance: The game starts with 0/1/2 more dull totems, and 1 Fake Generator that when completed: Will disappear (Consumed by the entity). The Fake Gen will be worked on 15%/10%/5% faster. Fake Gen are not affected by Gen-Changing perk (Such as Ruin and Prove Thyself). Toolboxes are used 50% less during repair. Generator aura is white

“Hurry it up, it’s prep time”

Stay In Line: You gain Bloodlust 10% faster, and have a 4%/6%/8% smaller terror radius (Not stackable) during a chase. Increases blood points for all categories by 10%. Lunge range increased by 2%/4%/6%

“Do not mess this up or else we have to start over again”

Director’s Orders: When someone unhooks another outside your Terror Radius, that person will be the new Obsession. The Obsession’s Aura is shown for 8 Seconds and an audio cue is played after they Sabotage, fail a Skillcheck, Open A Chest, Start Cleansing a Totem, or Unhook a person.(Cooldown of 30/20/10 Seconds)   

“The villain always finds the hero”


While disguised:

  • Terror radius is 0, resumed slowly after undisguising (Back to normal after 6 seconds.)
  • Mimic stalked survivors health state
  • Always shown to be running
  • Can not destroy pallets (Will Slow Vault instead)
  • Stunned will force undisguise
  • Can do survivor gestures
  • Flashlight will not force undisguise, but will still be able to blind you.

Note: Undisguising will increase movement speed by 3% for a 2 seconds, and will do actions 5% faster (Vault, Break Pallets, Hit Speed).

Visuals: Tall, Slim,Pure black hair, dark red & gray medieval style dress.

Possible Weapons: Umbrella, Rapier, Skinnier Eyelander, Spear


  • Walking - Same as the Plague
  • Palleted - Annoyed grunt, head moving down as they move backwards
  • Pallet Break - Aggressively Slam it down with weapon or default kicking.
  • Vaulting - Same as other tall killers

Mori: ? [Could think of something once weapon becomes official]


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  • Demogorgon84Demogorgon84 Member Posts: 25

    Nice concept! This has some nice potential! Her weapon could be those little cane things they pull people off stage with. The mori tho.. No idea for what it could be. Maybe she spins her cane-like weapon around, plant it straight into their back and stomps on their head with heels? Thats just what I thought. Anyways, nice perks and concept 😁👍

  • VortexasAVortexasA Member Posts: 7

    Thanks, I have a discord server for her about the actress project. Also good idea, and I'm trying to balance it between Solo Queuers and SWF

  • micha_beckmicha_beck Member Posts: 15

    I really like the fog idea. However, the devs have stated a few times, that a Killer who disguises as a Survivor won't work, since they can have codes to know who is real. Like "point away from me when you see me" 😏👉 or "turn two times in opposite directions" 💃.

    I'm not sure wether that would be a problem, since you can still get close to Survivors. 😑🔪

    Have you thought about this issue? What are your thoughts? 🤔

  • VortexasAVortexasA Member Posts: 7

    Yes. The Actress can mimic all survivor things except: Healing action, Pallet vaulting, Using Items. As for your code works, that's what the fog is meant to do. Unlike pointing at a Myers that's 42 meters away or whatever, the Actress's fog will severely limit their vision so that she can have the chance to get them.

  • micha_beckmicha_beck Member Posts: 15

    Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 173

    I would love a killer like that but he will be unplayable against team with vocal.

  • VortexasAVortexasA Member Posts: 7

    Yeah true, I'll just add a slight speed boost after undisguising then. Not as fast as wraith

  • VortexasAVortexasA Member Posts: 7
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