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Random Disconnect During In-game

kfguntherkfgunther Member Posts: 1
edited December 1 in Technical Issues

I never experienced this before until this weekend.

I got Legion from the start and first 2 Matches got disconnected pretty fast in the first minutes of the game.

3rd Game was ok.

4th Game, I almost 4k hook but game disconnects me before the match ended.

Like WTF IS THIS? I just bought the DLC on the game and this is what I get?

BHVR, please fix.


  • shirtlessdavidshirtlessdavid Member Posts: 11

    bro, this happens to me too. I specifically came on here to look for a post like this, it's so dumb. I was doing so well and then someone died on hook and my game froze, then DC's. looks exactly like your screen. now my team probably thinks im an ass. please fix this BHVR

  • shirtlessdavidshirtlessdavid Member Posts: 11
  • shirtlessdavidshirtlessdavid Member Posts: 11

    if this isn't fixed then it will lock us out of our games thinking we dc'd, when we didn't.

    the new "dc lockout" update is coming in a few days, guess i'll just get locked out of matchmaking for no reason

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