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How do you feel about Freddy's balance?

CreeRoyaltyCreeRoyalty Member Posts: 42

How do you feel about Freddy's balance? 82 votes

Perfectly balanced
WeederickPuggyMohawkJesyaFallenRanger0RattmanEclipseDarkstarWeepingWallySpartagone45dbd900bach0h_DoctorKarltastiskTapeKnotDr_Trautsad19970AxX7891JawsIsTheNextKillerShrekIsHotDelsKibaraFluorescentLemonmusstang62 42 votes
GibberishBlueberryCheersTCRaptorrotas909ThisGuuy83The_Meh_Teh 7 votes
Gen teleport is too strong.
SpacingLlamasshardsCreeRoyaltykonchokMedicSpirit7SilentSpectrePrettyFaceKateSkizor 8 votes
Fake pallets are too strong.
NeonSystem 1 vote
Dream world timer not necessary.
JnnsMuMert_MKcricketscornerMrPenguinChatkovskinickoffordNoOneEscapesNancy 7 votes
I have my own thoughts
PandomFibijeanCrtKazzJetTheWaffleCatMegaWafflebrokedownpalaceTheetisAven_FallenTheRockstarKnightNuclearBurritoBoosted_DwightHailohrch614Creepingcam1070fly_172micha_beckSHOOTERRALPHBOY 17 votes


  • CreeRoyaltyCreeRoyalty Member Posts: 42
    Gen teleport is too strong.

    Honestly, this is too overpowered in my opinion. With BBQ he can hook someone and immediately teleport to a gen that's being worked on. Not only that but he can fake going to a gen as well. This needs a rework for sure. I know killer mains place him in a lower tier, yet they use him flawlessly and contradict theirselves when running him.

  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416
    Perfectly balanced

    Freddy is fine, he is at the point all killers should be, he can get the gen as it should be (minus forever Freddy) he can get to each gen before the first pops or at least near enough (which each killer gets before reaching the gen bring worked on) he can be countered with simple actions, and it's Freddy, anyone that wants to nerf movie killers especially legendary ones like ghost face, Freddy and Myers so on need to stop cause they deserve celebrity treatment, real talk, those 3 are balanced, except 2 add on combo which isn't easy to get until high level, the hair that can make tier 3 unlimited with the paper that builds evil up quicker to counteract the slowness of the build up but this is about Freddy and he is perfect except one build which isn't his fault and shouldn't be nerfed over

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 2,943
    I have my own thoughts

    Disclaimer: I do not own Freddy so my opinion is based only from playing against him.

    Freddy's teleport - I find this perfectly fine and the mindgame of guessing if he is coming to my gen or not is fun. Gives a bit of a "fear" factor to him.

    Freddy's snares - I honestly find these easy to dodge and thanks to them being big red pools its not hard to miss them.

    Freddy's Pallets - I play survivor 99% solo so when a Freddy is using this add-on I do tend to fall for it in areas I've not been. I don't mind this add-on because you have to sacrifice a slot to use it and that means no "wombo combo" with add-ons.

    Freddy's "new" sleep mechanics - I don't mind the length of the timer to "auto" fall asleep and i'm glad they added the alarm clock since I no longer have to give my position away with gens.

    Overall I enjoy this new Freddy WAY more than the old Freddy and find him more interact-able. While I have only gone against a handful of these "Forever Freddy/Slow Freddy" builds I never had a serious problem. I can see where the slowdown can get a little out of hand and require more teamwork but if my teammates would stop DCing I don't see why we couldn't escape. I honestly wish less people would DC against him because I enjoy games against Freddy (unlike before).

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 429
    I have my own thoughts

    I just think Forever Freddy is a tad too strong on top of the gen pressure he has. Whenever I load into a Freddy game I immediately dread it because of the potential to have a 30m+ game thanks to all the slowdown he has.

    Everything else is fine.

  • TheetisTheetis Member Posts: 11
    I have my own thoughts

    Forever Freddy is boring to play against, because gens are boring enough without any slowdown perks. But having to sit on one even longer, usually with Ruin skillchecks (which I can hit fine 75% of the time, but it can't be said for most of survivors I'm running into) and Freddy constantly just removing 25% of the whole progression? Yeah, no thanks.

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 455
    Perfectly balanced

    Clicked the wrong one, meant to vote for underpowered

  • MysticAdvisorMysticAdvisor Member Posts: 394
    Perfectly balanced

    I think he is close to perfect and he shouldn’t be touched.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 4,838
    I have my own thoughts

    I am my own unique individual!

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 4,838
    I have my own thoughts

    Also I'm pretty sure he's going to trip.

  • PandomPandom Member Posts: 14
    I have my own thoughts

    Base kit Freddy's fine in my opinion. Forever Freddy is extremely obnoxious however.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 121

    Freddy just got a re-work not too long ago. Let him be. He doesn't need any nerfs. His teleport becomes useless at endgame. So he slows the gens down. That isn't fair? But perks and add-ons to speed the gens up so they pop almost every 30-45 secs is perfectly fine? If we keep nerfing killers to the ground, no one is going to want to play them anymore. Hence, how many spirits and nurses are playing now? How many nurse mains quit the game after the nerfs? Be careful what you ask for.

  • shardsshards Member Posts: 45
    Gen teleport is too strong.

    I'm not sure if i would have him nerfed,but his kill rate is quite high. with perks like pop the weasel his gen teleport is pretty ridiculous when combined with other slow downs ..

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,042
    I have my own thoughts

    Some add ons need some changes because Forever Freddy is a little dumb.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 2,733
    Perfectly balanced

    Freddy is in a good spot imo, he has a really rough 3 gen strategy and he takes some learning to go up against, he's not like trapper where you can know how to counter him instantly and "just check your surroundings", which is terms for a good Killer, he has a really damn strong endgame potential, figures as that's how he's supposed to be, 3 gen strat, he is hell on Hawkins, that map is already unsafe enough.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 754
    Perfectly balanced

    For the most part, he's fine. Slowdown addons could need a nerf and maybe slightly higher time until you fall asleep.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 415

    Perhaps his addd-ons recquires a slight nerf but overall, he is fine. All killes should be playable in their basekits and not being add-on dependant.

  • JetTheWaffleCatJetTheWaffleCat Member Posts: 203
    I have my own thoughts

    I think he's okay personally. He's a little annoying to me because of snare spam but it's not that bad to deal with to me.

    His main issue is how disgustingly well he can synergize with slowdown perks with Swing Chains and Ropes (Forever Freddy). That would be the only thing that I would change to him.

  • ilyDwightilyDwight Member Posts: 102
    Perfectly balanced

    I believe Freddy is one of the most balanced killers right now.

    Sure, his slowdown builds (Forever Freddy) can be boring as all hell to play against, but what else choice to killers usually have against gen rushing. It's frustrating on both sides.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 2,343
    I have my own thoughts

    Freddy in itself is balanced. 3 things I have a problem with:

    First and most: Slowdown-Builds. I dont think that he needs those, he is good without playing for massive Slowdown. It is highly annoying to face, while not being an increased challenge.

    Second: Snares. They are good, better than Pallets. But I dont like the way some Freddys play, by not breaking the Pallets but in fact reverse bloodlusting the Survivor by slowing them down.

    Third: Going to sleep after a Hit. Staying awake is better, but it does not matter if you went a longer way to get to your clock, when Freddy can put you into the Dream World by simply hitting you. But nothing that can be changed, since otherwise he would not really get to use his power.

    But overall I think he is balanced, just a few Tweaks regarding his Slowdown.

    edited December 7
    I have my own thoughts

    The biggest problem is the way he slows down all actions depending on how many people are in the dreeam state ive seen games where no gens get done simply because a freddy runs ruin and has addons that as soon as two people are asleep it takes about 3 minutes to do a single gen and thats using 2 toolboxes i dont mind the rest of the update tbh as he was easily countered before now you have to work to counter him all id say is nerf the effects or only have it work on the individual survivors state not the team as a whole 4 people asleep means the gen isnt even going to move the bar legitimately looks like its not moving in some games ive played

  • The_Meh_TehThe_Meh_Teh Member Posts: 31

    Completely under powered. The dreams snares do nothing but reveal position. They don't slow survivors down. Dream pallets are useless if survivors don't use them. I would like to see more creative ways for him to get people in the dream world. I mean it's supposed to be a nightmare. We can do better than this.

  • HailohHailoh Member Posts: 43
    I have my own thoughts

    Here's my thing. I think he's perfectly balanced from a strength standpoint, and I'm really REALLY glad that he got the buff he deserved. He 100% doesn't deserve an overall nerf.

    But there's another side to this. Snares are just kind of brainless for both sides. It just turns into "Throw the pallet early and keep running" the game. It doesn't make pallets unmindgameable, but more often than not the best option is to drop the pallet and keep running. It's a similar thing to Clown. This isn't a big issue, and it isn't something that needs to be urgently changed.

    Forever Freddy is a bigger problem. Not because of its strength (Not to say that it's weak), but just because it's so slow. Forever Freddy games can easily last 20 minutes, which is twice as long as a game really should last. Long games mean that the killer has many more opportunities to make mistakes, and they can still be rewarded for when they do finally make a good play just because of how long the game is going to be. I always have a problem with this kind of thing, where the skill of the player matters so little just because of a build (It's one of the problems I have with survivors. Just because you can hold M1 doesn't mean you're good at the game. It's not interactive for anyone.).

    Those are really the only two nitpicks I have with Freddy. I like Dream Pallets, I like the teleport, I like microsleep, I love everything they did with him. Those are the only two things, really. And to be fair, the former isn't really a big deal, and the latter wasn't even intentional, so I can't really rip on the devs too much.

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