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Killer Perk: Hex: Cursed Blood

A Hex rooting its power on weakness. Survivor's endurance falters and begin to deteriorate.

For the duration of this hex:

All survivors suffer from 1/2/3 harmful random status effects, and interacting with eachother swaps their status effects.

This Hex persists as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

Possible Status effects:

Blindness, Broken, Exhausted, Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered (moderately: 5%), Madness 2, Mangled, Obivious.


  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 86

    This seems like a decent perk until you realize that the effects are random and you can get up to three, kinda like hex ruin but way way way more annoying to vs as a survivor. I do like the idea tho👏

  • LoverOfDemogorgonLoverOfDemogorgon Member Posts: 60

    This would be amazing! I wish they would of put this as one of oni's perks

  • NoOneEscapesNancyNoOneEscapesNancy Member Posts: 201

    Imagine getting exposed, blindness, and oblivious all at the same time☠️

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