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blood web bug after power outage disconnected me.

FrekiFreki Member Posts: 692

I was about to hook the final survivor in the match (they wouldn't just lay still while i carried them oh well so i hook em then) and when i get back online I go to the blood web to try and get the things i lost in the match and i get a new one with only one perk. get that perk, then next blood web has the same perk next rank but no other perks! here is a screen shot of the issue

i'm going to get to the third blood web in a moment and i'll see if it only has one perk. it is the same perk again but the third rank of it! one more blood web to test. and nowI have no perks to choose from at a level 46 trapper not even prestiged. here is the second screen shot with no perks on the blood web!

@not_Queen , @McLean , @Peanits and anyone else that can look into this??? oh here is my inventory and it is well full..... but not full


  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 692

    I forgot to mention i'm on PC, steam version. sorry for forgetting that bit of information.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 692

    Ok after thinking more on this and playing today, I think I have now realized this: The account this has happened on only trapper is above level 30. so no other teachable perks are available so that's why i have no perks on my blood web.

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