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Royalty Free FNAF Chapter Idea (Day of Fun Chapter)

BlooperReelBlooperReel Member Posts: 36

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is primarily a concept and I have no faith that it will make it into the game. I simply thought it might be interesting to do a FNAF style animatronic killer and such and so I did that but it’s truly more of an idea than anything.

PLEASE NOTE: I am by no means a professional at this so I welcome your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in order to help balance it out. I'll be giving my opinion of why I did blank by putting them in parenthesis.

Scooter the Cat: The Animatronic

Description: Scooter is a large (FNAF art style) animatronic cat. A large 6’1”/185cm lumbering beast. He is dark blue by default with a white belly and muzzle? He wears a hat somewhat reminiscent of the Scout’s from TF2, a bandolier style backpack, and shorts similar to those found on Foxy. 

Terror Radius: Normal - 12m, During Jumpscare’s Effects - 32m

Speed: Walking - 3.4m/s, 2 seconds after being stuck - 5.6m/s, Normal Jumpscare Walk - 4.6m/s (To further explain the walking speed, normally he moves slower, after he teleports he moves at 0m/s for 2 seconds, then has 2 seconds after that to move at 5.6m/s to get on the trail of a survivor. It calms down and for the next 15 seconds he has a 4.6m/s move speed unless he enters a chase in which the 15 seconds limiter cancels out and he chases the survivor at 4.6m/s during the chase with bloodlust activating and affecting him as normal.)

Ability: Jumpscare - Hold M2 to see all generators currently being worked on, hold LCtrl to teleport to the one you’re currently looking at, a jingle will play at the generator. You’ll pop up and explode the gen, knocking it down by 8% but the gen does not regress from this, each generator has a 30 second cooldown before Jumpscare will decrease it by 8% again. After you teleport there are 2 seconds before Scooter can start moving again, and has 15 seconds to keep it’s movement speed and enter a chase or lose it. Jumpscares effects are lost after you lose a survivor in a chase. (I figured that comparably since he is limited by speed and relies on jumpscaring people to increase his move speed. Since every Gen he can teleport is being worked on it’ll only ever activate when he scares a survivor so he can’t just gain move speed as he pleases. The 2 second thing could be an animation of him adjusting himself.)


Animatronic Jaw - When hitting a survivor you inflict the Mangled status effect. Performing skill checks while the survivor suffers from Mangled are slightly/moderately/significantly more difficult. (I thought it might be interesting to have a situation in which, working on generators while injured makes things difficult and having the mangled effect doesn’t quite give any immediate cause for concern. This would counter things like how my friend decides there’s only one gen left to do, heal me after.) “His bite is far worse than his bark, don’t forget that.”

Phantasmagorical Performance - After Hooking a survivor your terror radius is increased to 46m for 10 seconds after which your terror radius will be reduced to 0 for 8/10/12 seconds. (I think having a killer just...disappear would be an interesting experience to say the least.) “One minute he’s there, but then you blink, that’s all it takes, and he’s gone just like that.”

Automatonophobia  - After leaving your terror radius, Survivors have a 30/40/50% penalty to generator repair for 8 seconds, each survivor can only be affected by this every 25 seconds. (Initially I was gonna steal Coulrophobia and change it to gen progress but I feel like this is a more interesting way and the cooldown per survivor makes it so that Ruin doesn’t gain an even greater foothold where it doesn’t need it.) “He’s a terrifying monster and worse yet he doesn’t even know.”


Pizza Slice (common) - Generators will decrease by 1% more when using Jumpscare.

Greasy Napkin (common) - Slightly increase your move speed outside of a chase. (3.7m/s)

Pack of Balloons (common) - Slightly decreases Jumpscare’s terror radius.

Soda Cup (common) - Teleport to a Generator 2% faster.

Birthday Cake (common) - Slightly decreases the time before Jumpscare’s jingle activates.

Can of Oil (uncommon) - Generators will decrease by 2% more when using Jumpscare.

Spare Voice Box (uncommon) - Moderately decreases Jumpscare’s terror radius.

Spare Eye (uncommon) - Moderately increase your move speed outside of a chase. (4.0m/s)

Mechanical Wiring (uncommon) - Breaking a generator will regress 1% faster if you jumpscared it in the last 20 seconds. 

Spring Lock (uncommon) - Teleport to a Generator 3% faster.

CCTV Tape (rare) - Teleport to a Generator 5% faster.

Company Phone (rare) - Moderately decreases the time before Jumpscare’s Jingle activates.

Fuel Canister (rare) - Generators will decrease by 3% more when using Jumpscare.

AA Batteries (rare) - When looking at a generator you can see how many survivors are currently working on it.

Office Key (rare) - Injured survivors working on a generator that you teleport to receive the broken status effect for 12 seconds.

Joshua’s Walkie-Talkie (very rare) - Tremendously decreases Jumpscare’s terror radius.

Joshua’s Flashlight (very rare) - Tremendously increase your move speed outside of a chase. (4.6m/s)

Joshua’s PDA (very rare) - Each survivor that works on a generator that was Jumpscared must face a difficult skill check.

Child’s Lost Shoe (Ultra rare) - After using Jumpscare you no longer need to wait, however you must now enter a chase in 10 seconds to keep the 4.6m/s speed.

Missing Persons Flyer (Ultra rare) - After using Jumpscare all survivors working on that Generator move 3% faster for 4 seconds but suffer from the exhausted status effect for 60 seconds after.

Joshua Webbs

Description: Joshua is a young security guard. He’s a bit on the big side but not too bad. A head of black hair and a decent beard to accompany it. He wears the company uniform while on duty, a cap with the logo stitched on, a short sleeve shirt with a chest pocket and the logo stitched into it, and a pair of dark cargo shorts extending just past the knees.


Army Crawl - When in the dying state you move 3/4/5% faster and your health bar decreases slower by 6/7/8%. (I feel like there’s a good amount of perks that talk about the dying state and how you either empower yourself or get benefits by getting picked up or whatever. None of the perks have anything about holding on longer while dying.) “You gotta keep going, don’t stop for a second, that’s how they get you”

Watch for Opportunities - Every survivor within the killer’s terror radius but are not in a chase are given the Vision effect for 15 seconds and auras disappear 2/3/4% slower. For the first 2 seconds Lockers, chests, generators, and pallets are revealed to you and your team. Watch for Opportunities has a 30 second cooldown. (I thought it would be nice to have a perk that lets you see it all for a brief moment and then simply increases your aura reading range after that. I should make it clear that the latter half is not affected by the disappearing thing) “It’s important to keep a lookout at all times, sometimes the smallest glimmer of hope is all you need.”

Fast on Your Feet - When you are within the killer’s terror radius repair generators, cleanse totems, search chests, and climb pallets 4/6/8% faster. (I figure it would be a neat enough concept that, you can do this stuff faster but you need to be near the killer. It doesn’t silence or dampen your action’s sounds so this is good when chases are happening either around or to you.) “I’m fast, faster than they expect someone under pressure to be” - Joshua Webbs


  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 807

    It looks like a lot of effort was put into this, and might I say, I'm impressed.

    Speed: This is mostly pretty good, but I'd change the base movement speed to at least 3.8 m/s, as that could give him better map pressure without crutching on his ability too much.

    Ability: To be honest, it sort of just seems like Freddy's dream teleport with extra steps. The generator regression is a cool idea though. Although, the movement idea feels a little gimmicky. After he teleports, he's stunned for 2 seconds, which I can get. However, then after that, he gets oddly fast movement speed for a very brief period before regressing to 4.6 m/s, normal killer speed. Even if he maintains 4.6 m/s in chases, that's just normal killer movement speed, and at that point, he just becomes an M1 killer. He'd be outrun by survivors if he were to just chase them naturally. Even the Nurse would outrun him. In general, I feel like his slow base movement speed is not enough to justify the mediocre and gimmicky power. I do have a question though: how long does it take to teleport to a gen?

    Killer Perks

    1. I actually don't think this is a bad idea, but I feel like its slightly too similar to sloppy butcher, as the mangled status effect is the selling point for both perks. I'd personally suggest replacing the mangled status effect to the effect that the clown's gas gives you (not the hindered part, but just the visual and auditory disruptions) for 10-20 seconds, and then keep the skill check disruptions until the person is healed (as you said). It would still convey the purpose that you wanted the perk to have.
    2. I like it! Keep it as is.
    3. I like it, except I think you should add a set amount of time that the survivors have to be in the killers terror radius in order for the perk to activate. Otherwise, killers would just nip you for 1/2 a second with the edge of their terror radius and it would still apply the full effect, which would be quite frustrating.


    Some stuff here is unclear how good it would be. For example, the addons that speed up your teleport could be either good or bad, but how long does it take to teleport? I would also recommend increasing the base movement speed to 3.8 or 4 m/s (no addons), and have the addons ramp up to a lesser extent. This way, he is not as dependent on addons in order to win chases. Other than that, I would say the addons are good and fit him correctly.

    Survivor Perks

    1. I like the concept, but personally, I'd buff the values slightly to 6/7/8 percent faster movement speed and 8/9/10 percent longer bleedout timer
    2. Uhh... what's the vision effect? Is it like aura reading? Concept sounds cool tho.
    3. This is almost exactly like Spine Chill, I'd recommend probably changing this one.

    Final Suggestions:

    I would say overall it's alright. I like the concept, but there's certainly more room for originality and improvement. I would suggest letting him get a movement speed increase to 3.8 or 4 m/s naturally, and an upgrade to 4.2 m/s when getting into a chase, regardless of using his power. Otherwise, he would be outrun by survivors running in a straight line, and only be on-par with a normal killer AFTER using his ability.

    Also, (as you mentioned) this chapter was heavily inspired by FNaF, but with so many similarities (Animatronic animal, similar appearances, ability called "jumpscare", addons referring a kids pizza parlor, security guard survivor, etc), why not just... do it? I mean, Scott isn't picky with his rights whatsoever, I feel like you might as well go the extra mile.

    Overall, nice job!🐷

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