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Matchmaking limitation

Do you think there should be some sort of limitation to who you can group with?

I played Killer tonight i am 12, got so many matchmaking with 6-7-8-16, then 7-8-8-17, 7-7-7-17. its not even fun for anyone.

RB6 implimented recently a limitation on the grouping. When the difference between the ranking is more then 1000 you cannot play together.

Should it be in this game also? Something like a difference of a certain amount of pips maybe, This would make the matchmaking more close in higher rank but wide it in lower rank as you need less pips for each level.

What you guys think?


  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,307
    edited December 2019

    Are you talking about matchmaking in general, or placing a limitation on SWF groups?

    In the latter case, I would say it's not a good idea to put limitations on SWF, for several reasons. Firstly, people wanting to play with their friends is a huge part of this game's continued success. Discouraging them from doing so can only be bad for the game.

    Secondly, people who play SWF with a wide mix of ranks know that they are likely to be matched with higher-ranked killers, and they choose to do it anyway because they care more about playing with their friends than they do about fair matchmaking. As a SWF player myself, I am confident that pretty much everyone who plays SWF would prefer to play without rank restrictions.

    Thirdly, it doesn't make a difference to the killer. Or rather, it does, but if anything it would be a disadvantage. Three rank 5s and a rank 17 is much easier to deal with than four rank 5s. The only thing that imposing rank limitations on SWF would change for the killer is making them more likely to go up against teams who actually know what they're doing.

  • AsegbloodtearsAsegbloodtears Member Posts: 74

    im not sure i understand what you mean by 5, five when there is only 4 survivor, but i get what you mean. 7-7-717 and killer 7 is much easier then 7-7-7-7 and killer 7. The issue right now my last game i got 8-8-8-19. On console its super easy to create an account and exploit this, so the 19 is not a 19, he is a damn 8 too. so its no longer 8-8-819 again a 13 but its 4x8 againts 13. Even ifthe 19 where ligit. it still make no sense to have 3x8 againts a 13. The higher rank player should determine the killer rank. an not an avg. Cause right now its just not fun for anyone. I got some of the 6-7-8 who message me afer the game so say sorry for that stupid match making we dont even know the 17.

    You want to SWF, fine but the best in your group should determine the killers level.

    I got the point of restriction is not super good for this game as there is already restriction in it and also there is only one mode... rank. There is no casual game other then customs. So its hard to restrict the game more.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,307

    Yes, the numbers were my mistake, sorry for the confusion. I've edited my comment to reflect it.

    Smurf accounts are a possibility, but not really a problem in DBD, because the game costs $10-20 to purchase. There aren't very many people who would spend extra money on a game just to be a lower rank, so it's not really a widespread enough occurrence for it to be a good idea to make balance changes around it.

    And what you described is exactly how matchmaking with SWF already works. It used to be based on the average of players' ranks, but it was recently changed to match with killers according to the rank of the highest-ranked player in the group.

    As you mentioned yourself, half the time outliers in ranks aren't even part of a SWF group. It sounds like the problem you have is really with the matchmaking system overall, and I can understand that, but SWF isn't really the issue there. It's basically just a matter of DBD not having a large enough playerbase to support consistently accurate matchmaking without absurdly long queue times.

  • AsegbloodtearsAsegbloodtears Member Posts: 74

    I would love longer queue time, instead of getting theses stupid matchmaking. I just went full toxic on my last game, hooking one in the basement after a too long chase, he was clearly a high rank... now the Game is finish and he was 6.... , got 6-8-8-9 and im 13.... there is no logic there lol

    Im glad i play dirty on this one i hook 2 in basement and camp them. I totaly hate that but man... its been 7 game in a row that i am match again rank 6 to 8 at least 3 of them each game.

    As for creating a new account, like i said, it might not be an issue on PC because you have to pay for the game, but its not the same on console i can create as many account as i want, as long as i have one with online subscribtion. i will have access to the game i bough once. So yes thats an issue on Console.

    Yes its also getting late here, around 1-2am so im probably having hard time with the amount of players around me

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,307

    It's fair enough for you to prefer significantly longer queue times and better matchmaking, but I suspect that you would be in the minority there.

    If smurf accounts are truly an issue on consoles, I agree that needs to be addressed. But again, SWF is not the problem. People who go out of their way to make smurf accounts, most of the time, do it so that they can go against low-ranked killers. This is equally the case whether they're playing solo or with other low ranks in SWF. Putting limitations on SWF isn't the answer. If anything, such a system would only encourage people to make smurf accounts so that they are able to play with their low-ranked friends, instead of just sticking to their main account as the majority of players do currently.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,156


    It's been speculated that they will make the new ranking system based on your skill set, rather than your rank itself.

    So for example, they'll put you into a rank bracket with say... your Trappers level of skill compared to other players Trappers. Which ever is higher on the bracket is ranked above the rest/paired with Trappers that're equal in skill.

    This is all speculation though, whatever they're doing with the ranking system after Chapter 14 is completely unknown, so we'll have to wait and see.

    but as for this suggestion

    I wouldn't really say it's a bad idea, but it could be improved upon. For one, if they had the bracket system based on a players skill (like what's suggested above) rather than a rank you got to through playtime... than that would overall make the matchmaking a bit more intuitive for players.

    People complain a lot about the skill gap with each team you get and the Killer themselves, you could be... not the "greatest" player and be paired with an insanely good Killer, or you could be an insanely good Survivor and be paired with a "bad" Killer.

    If it was based on stats and skill, it would overall make the match making a lot better. I'm not saying that getting to Red Rank takes no skill, but with enough playtime anyone can get there. That's why in a sensible argument, people don't measure each other by ranks... it's not a solid basis for their skill.

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