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Has anyone had anxiety attacks due to the Demogorgon music?

womanahwomanah Member Posts: 3

I suffer with anxiety and normal chase music and heart beat don't set me off but the music played when the Demogorgon is near or in a chase with you gives me a panic attack. I'm confused as to whether this is a design choice or not.

Anxiety inducing music is used in films such as Dunkirk but i couldn't expect it in a game on only one character.

This music is making me not want to play the game anymore and i don't know how to turn the music off for the Demogorgon

Best Answer


  • HighQualityDonutHighQualityDonut Member Posts: 107

    I mean its supposed to be scary. The demogorgon theme personally unnerves me cause it sounds like an 80s alarm theme warning me of danger. Its probably intentional since this IS a horror game. Sorry it causes you such grief though.

  • deadbybrokendeadbybroken Member Posts: 4

    I like it. I also have anxiety which isn't great for me because I love this game, but it stay true to the stranger things theme, setting, and date it's based in.

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