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The Oni suggestions.

While I found Oni fun to play against due to his concept, I found flaws in both playing against and as him. Here's a list.

As the oni, I found it annoying that I had to slug a survivor to keep my power. I could wait or go injure another survivor, but it genuinely is a waste of time. I feel a cooldown as an exception or decreasing the timer just a LITTLE bit every time you pick up a survivor would be the better option. Example:

You pick up a survivor, your power pauses but DOES decrease a slight bit.

This way I, personally, feel that the Oni won't encourage slugging but also won't be extremely terrible.

Now for when I played against him.

His dash is really the only thing I found difficult to counter. It is ridiculous that he immediately recovers after stopping a dash. There should be two options in my opinion:

1: Try and hit the survivor with your power, like it is right now.

2: Instead of stopping and having no cooldown, have a cooldown of at least two seconds.

I feel this would balance his dash out, not nerf it, not buff it, but balance it out. Opinions?

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