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New game modes?

MechanicalWolfMechanicalWolf Member Posts: 45

What ideas would you have for a game mode. It's not original, but I would like to see those occasional events from Deathgarden with 2 killers and have 8 survivors.


  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    I've thought of this, I thought for legion, have all 4 but under a rule, whoever is given Frank is just standard, the other 3 can only attack when undetected, if looked at for a few seconds, they disappear and placed in a random location that's far away from any survivor, they can crouch and hide and lunge out an attack, if successful in a hit that puts to injured, they disappear to random location, is in dying Frank can go over and then order his friend to move them, Frank can not move anyone and has to be there with another to order the move, there are 6 survivors (Frank can't move anyone) the other 3 move at the same speed as survivors, when Frank uses his power, all gain the ability except only Frank can vault the others can not, and they can get the hit even when detected, but disappear still after the hit, on the gates, all 4 now normal and will be savagely trying to kill, only Frank can be at the gates and the rest are limited to where they can be with gates being only allowed near if in chase and only for whom they are chasing, if Frank camps gate the rest lose the boost they got and good luck getting anywhere then, it's a challenge mode, not made for ease or anything but enjoyment and challenge, it's a challenge for killers as they are all limited to what they can do and a challenge for survivors cause there are 4 people and the gates are deadly to do now, reason Frank is the main one is cause he is the main one, his friends don't want to kill but he ordered it, so they do very limited help, his friends are as brutal as him after a while so gates are brutal unless Frank camps cause he is still the main killer, so it's made to be as lore friendly as possible as well as a nice challenge

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,131

    I think a lot of people have been asking for a 2 killer mode. The devs haven't ruled it out as far as I know, but they haven't announced any major plans yet for it either.

  • MechanicalWolfMechanicalWolf Member Posts: 45
  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 991

    It's basic, but maybe have a "Survival Mode" with some differences from the traditional game.

    • The objective would be to survive as long as you can, rather than repairing generators and escaping.
    • Underneath each individual survivor's name would be a timer. If a survivor dies, that survivor's timer would stop. The longer your time, the bigger your bloodpoint bonus.
    • The generators would all be replaced with those things that appeared whenever Freddy was the killer in the original mode. If a survivor activates one, it adds an extra minute onto everyone's timers. If a killer destroys one, it takes away a minute. Each of these could only be used/destroyed once to prevent abuse.
    • In addition to bloodpoints, you could also unlock "milestone prizes" (survive for 10 minutes; unlock a Survival Mode exclusive item, survive for 20 minutes; unlock a Survival Mode exclusive perk, survive for an hour; unlock an ultra-rare cosmetic... SOMETHING like that)
    • It might also be a good idea for Survival Mode to have its own unique mini maps, or have smaller variations of all the current ones, to keep survivors from hiding in one place the entire match and boring themselves.

    What do you think of this?

  • MechanicalWolfMechanicalWolf Member Posts: 45

    Although a great idea, I do think that no one would want to survive for an hour

  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 991

    You're probably right. Maybe lower it down to 30 minutes. I don't know. Just a concept.

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