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My chapter Idea, opinions?

GlitchyGlitchy Member Posts: 4

Chapter name: Orange tainted nightmares

Killer: The Glitch

Survivor: Nicholas Hayrus

Killer perks:

Hex:Suprise, this hex roots its power on ignorance, when within 5/10/15 Of a generator, gain the undetectable status effect, this totem becomes Dull once all gens are complete.

Boredom: this perk will show you a random survivors aura every 4/3/2 Outside a chase. This perk becomes inactive during a chase.

The one: you become obsessed with one survivor, everytime they preform a Fast vault, their aura is revealed for 5/10/15 seconds (no cooldown) If your obsession stuns you, they gain the exposes status for 10/15/20 seconds Survivor perks:

Mothers instincts: when rescuing a survivor off the hook, gain the enduring effect for 2/5/8 seconds if injured

Mechanical prowess: when repairing gens, your chances of gettimg a skill check are slightly/moderately/considerably reduced.

Escape artist: allows you to pass through anything blocked by the entity one time

Killer power: Liquid A.I: when you down survivor, you can inject them with 'liquid A.I', giving them the ‘Glitched’ status effect, while Glitched, survivors can not walk or crouch so must run and reveal their auras and nearby survivors auras, they have 3 minutes to reach an A.I extractor randomly spawned on the map before the A.I strenghtens, if the A.I strenghtens, the survivors will additionally recieve the broken status effect and can not escape through exit gates. You start with 4 needles and can refill them at A.I extractors if survivors purge themselves. When collecting A.I all survivors who cleansed will have their perks revealed to the killer. Purging A.I gives the broken and hemorragic effect for 1 minute  

PS, this is based on my character Glitchy, a robotic scientist, and my friends character, Nicholas. This is also my first attempt at something like this, so feedback is highly appreciated

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