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Killer Buffs

  1. Let Freddy be able to use his ability @ the start of the match.
  2. Let Thanatophobia work on dead survivors and DC's.
  3. Let Dying Light still work on DC's. If the Obsession DC's the perk is worthless.

Feel free to comment and give ur input.


  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    1) first one I disagree with, that I thought on and it would actually be very powerful to the point of nearly being unfair

    2) definitely to DC and as for dead it should be timed, maybe 60 seconds

    3) hmm no, think about it, they down 1 survivor there and then, maybe late game yes but early game no, you got the same effect but indirectly instead

  • DankyDanky Member Posts: 213

    1) how would Freddy be unfair??

    2) i mean their bodies are still on the map.

    3) if the Obsession DC's then the perk is worthless, why is it ok for the killer perks to be canceled or taken out?

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 1,366

    1) Freddy is in a good spot right now, no needs for buffs.

    2) Yes.

    3) I'm not sure about this one.

  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    1) through a mod and a custom game you can pick a gen and you are 60% likely (we played serious against each other to maximize the results) to find a survivor and stop gens, with his add ons and the forever Freddy build, this makes it too much, the charge isn't too bad anyways after the first one you see it charge almost too quickly (sleeping survivors)

    2) they aren't, through sacrifice anyways, if they die from bleeding out then I'll agree but from sacrifice, timed continued effect, again they are one down, gens indirectly are going to take longer

    3) early game a DC with or without that perk almost always mean an instant win, that's just salt in the wound, if late game then yes it should have a continued effect or have it continue the current bonus but no longer stackable, again, DC, less players, easier for killer, I'm thinking this on balanced terms and how fair it is, so either one or the other of these would at least keep it going but at different rates, what you suggest is complete overkill and super unbalanced

  • TapeKnotTapeKnot Member Posts: 42
    1. Not a very good idea. Survivors start the trial very close to generators, sometimes right next to them. This buff would allow Freddy to instantly start a chase and give survivors no chance to hide or prepare.
    2. I kind of like this idea, no complaints about it.
    3. This seems more like a bandaid buff than anything. The real problem is people DC'ing, and it should be tackled rather than just being accepted like that.
  • DankyDanky Member Posts: 213

    1) you could use that same logic with Killbilly, and even with BBQ freddy doesnt always get someone after the teleport.

    2) just an idea.

    3) with the amount of pallets and windows with RNG alot of loops can keep most killers running.

  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    1) BBQ trash never seen it actually work and it's around a 60% as I said this has been tested through a mod with serious play

    2) refer to my previous comment

    3) yes but there's 1 person less so still gens are affected by this, you made no valid argument there, either my style mentioned would be appropriate for DC or have obsession changed but yours would be overkill, cause there would be no way a killer will lose it, a killer doesn't need to think about if the attack is worth it or not, and would be far more dangerous, and at the start if obsession leaves it's a win for killer almost every time as gens are now being done slower

  • catchyaupcatchyaup Member Posts: 5

    1) Letting freddy use his power at the start of the match would be unfair since survivors all the time spawn next to a generator.

    2) Well that is the true meaning of Thanatophobia so I agree with that one.

    3) Yes. This one is much needed, due to someone disconnecting they just waste one of the killer's perks in use

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 99
    edited December 2019

    1) Freddy already performs really good in mid to late game, that's and that has always been one of his key design, I don't know why he should get that early game buff.

    2) Realisticly, hell to the no. Although, it should reward you for getting all the REMAINING suvirvors injured ( or more ) by having a 25% to 50% to its base values.

    3) Same goes for a lot perks. PwYF, for example, or even Rancor. But let's take a look at survivors ones, you brought Inner Strength, Adrenaline, Selfcare, Second Wind or We'll Make It but it's a Plague, well too bad for you. You brought Unbreakable but never get slugged long enough, or Deliverance but get downed first or someone yeeted the rescue from you ? Deal with it. Losing a perk is clearly not the end of the world, you shouldn't get too triggered about it.

  • DankyDanky Member Posts: 213
    edited December 2019

    1) Billy is higher in terms of tier list then freddy yet gets his power right away.

    2) yea maybe higher values.

    3) u can still heal VS Plague, u just have to listen for when she gets her power (ez counter). killers alrdy lose 1 perk (ruin), the only person getting triggered is u.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I like number 2 alot

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 99

    1) Implying that looks like pure sophism to me, and you make it look like Freddy has utterly no power right of the bat, wich is not true either. Freddy manage loops better than Billy ( My opinion tho ) he's just less lethal than Billy.

    2) Current values are good, but I feel like you should get more rewarded for putting a lot of pressure to the game by at least getting everyone injured, the only problem that comes with it, is the indirect buff to Legion that this will cause, it could get out of hand, especially with the perks from next patch.

    3) I'm clearly not triggered buddy, just tryna explain you why this isn't the end of the world, especially because the game is ( kind of ) balanced with the idea of having 4 survivors to face, so it's a pretty decent trade in the end. By the way, Ruin is not a default perk as far as I know, PGtW and Thanatophobia is pretty good, and you're not using those only to slow gen progress down, but also waste people's time when healing. I don't really know what you mindset is but it looks like you want to promote Everlasting Freddy's build with your arguments.

  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 272

    Just to focus on 3 since that's the only one I have a (hopefully fresh) opinion on.

    Yes killing one person makes the gens slower. But that's the same as not taking a perk. DC or not, having the obsession die should slow gens. Death... Dc.... What's the difference?

    Now. To not raise a problem and not propose a solution. Perhaps DL could simply not alert the survivor that they have DL. They MIGHT have it. But might not. And not many other obsession perks make survivors DC quite like DL. So removing that notification would at LEAST stop the "oh yeah, well then I'll DC".

    Or. Make it so DL still triggers if say... 3 hooks have happened? That should be mid-game ish. If they DC REALLY early I agree. That's a punishment enough on the team. Just my thoughts. :)

  • reworkstabbyteensreworkstabbyteens Member Posts: 19

    thanatophobia literally means fear of death the fact that it doesn't work on dead survivors is just stupid

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