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The most optimal change for demogorgon that he needs.

Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 810
edited December 2 in Feedback and Suggestions

What do you think of the killer?

  • As a main killer, I think it's a good killer, it has the potential to stop some loops and surprise the survivor.

What is the weakest thing in the killer?

  • For me, it's definitely the tunnels. Being limited to use your teleport makes you lose potential, to make your tp you need to have two tunnels.

What change do I propose?

  • This could be considered quite large QoL, but it would be the following.

Now demogorgon can use a secondary power apart from its tunnels.

Usage Note:

  • M2: (Lunge)
  • Control: (Tunnels)
  • (NEW POWER SECUNDARY) Pressed "X" KEY: To activate fast scrolling. Demogorgon is placed on 4 legs and channels (consumes) the power of the tunnels. Making it possible to travel at high speed through the map, while on all fours, it cannot do any damage, when its power bar is finished (it is shared with its tunnels) it will return to its usual position. When he returns to his 2-legged state, he has a delay of 2 seconds.

This will make demogorgon very good and it will be a killer more used.



  • reworkstabbyteensreworkstabbyteens Member Posts: 17
    edited December 3

    Sounds good but would probably render the tunnels useless, them already being a niche thing.

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