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Everyone Can See Everyone's Ping?

BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,136

Since there's a lot depending on having a generally good connection, some Killers might not want to start a trial with Survivors who have a bad connection as it might to a way too easy trial.

And there's surely enough Survivors who prefer to not have a fellow Survivor who takes 5 seconds to unhook you and teleports in front of you, blocking an escape, resulting in you getting hit.

Or making the good ol' giant lunges of Killers about twice as long thanks to high ping.

Now these are not personal qualms of course, they simply prefer to play with someone who can unintentionally screw up the trial.

I'm not one to dodge actually, but i could see someone not wanting to stay in a lobby with a guy who persists to stay with 299 ping.

Everyone Can See Everyone's Ping? 6 votes

Yes, show everyone everyone's ping
BossJetTheWaffleCatTapeKnotKeezoKees_Tpichumudkip 6 votes
No, you can only see your own
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