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Legion power rework/build ideas?

Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 693

So nobody enjoys playing against Legion slow builds and i dont really blame them but the thing is its one of the few ways if not the only way you can make legion good and capable of getting sacrifices in the end. If survivors take the time to heal fully they waste tons of time allowing it to all snowball, but if they dont heal it still snowballs unless they're some professional loopers and know how to not get caught it still snowballs because everyone is one hit and i can just m1 them.

I think the legion just needs a new power entirely. On release they were broken, currently now they're still unfun to play against and i get why and without all these ways of slowing the survivors playing as them is just asking to lose and have an unfun experience. The power doesnt help you down anyone thats paying attention to their mend bar.

The power was never a good idea to begin with i think while i love the legion and all the power is the issue and with the idea of how it'll work it will probably always be in the spot it is where its not fun to play against and its also not fun to use when you arent slowing down everything they do just because the power doesnt let you down them. If it let you down them there wouldnt be such a reliance on the slowing effects.

Personally for myself on ps4 i relied on Third Seal for my kills. The console side of the game seems more casual and the survivors were panicking when they couldnt see auras and often i'd get early 1st hook kills. Moving to pc though it almost never worked so moving to a new setup meant slowing everything survivors do and it works but people dc pretty often about half of the time almost.

Any other legion players got builds that dont involve slowing that work?

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