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The rift is still too grindy



  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 3,690
    edited December 2019

    Yes as long as I'm playing, I'll make a decent amount of rift fragments. The problem is I do not have the time, nor do most people, to play 4+ hours a day if they complete every single challenge. And that's with the fact we had an 11 day headstart on this rift.

    FOMO is not a person issue. I would buy the cosmetic in the store if it was available right now. I can't because it's locked behind a 8 month long timed-exclusive and I don't want to wait 6 months after the rift ends to get it. Saying FOMO is a person issue and not that it was something they intentionally conceived to get people to play more or else they miss out, is like saying lootboxes doesn't prey on people at all either. The battlepass is intentionally designed to get people invested into it and to keep playing. That's what it is -- it's not player engagement, it's player investment. I can probably show you a game studio speech where they talk about how to basically milk players out of their time and money if you'd like. Either way, the Rift being designed this way isn't a happy accident no more than it was EA making the excuse that their in-game slot machine that looks, sounds and plays like a slot machine was an accident and they didn't intend it to look like that. That's not something that's just an oopsie.

    And of course you throw the whole "it's optionallllll" excuse. Again, me being consistently farmed, going up against people AFKing, or throwing matches is not optional. There is no way to turn the Rift off. There is no way for me to make it go away. It is not optional. It pops up at the end of every one of my matches. It pops up with glowing effects whenever I get a rift shard. It begs me to go visit it whenever I tier up.

    Telling me "If you don't like it, just ignore it" is like if I went to an establishment I normally visited that suddenly allows smoking and then I complained to them about it and they told me "If you don't like the smoke, then just don't inhale it in".

    It's not something you can just ignore and pretend that it doesn't exist when it constantly pesters you and it strongly influences how people are playing and also effects you by making cosmetics you would have wanted to buy immediately, now locked behind a timed exclusive for 8 months while also shoving in events into the Rift too and killing off events because 'screw us', apparently.

    I literally just came from a match where a David King literally spend the entire game being immersed so he could use his key on the hatch and consume the key and admitted to doing so. We told him that he could have just used the mind channel but he said he that would have been a waste of the key. So if it's optional, mind showing me where the option is to avoid people like this guy who threw the game just to attempt to get one point in his challenge done?

  • deadbodyman62deadbodyman62 Member Posts: 33

    It is and was marketed as free to play and completely optional. The rift is purely for cosmetic rewards. The lore and challenges are completely free and not capped to a time limit.

    And it's not needlessly bloated with auric cells. If you complete the rift you get all your cells back so it's free ( it's called incentive). And again your complaining about money grab but your mad they give you money back lol.

    And if you can't complete 70 levels in 70 days it's pretty bad. You get enough XP in a couple matches to get 1 level.

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 133

    Mate I've played games like fortnite on the side while playing other games more and still barely playing. The game is free and the battlepass is way cheaper and your basically guaranteed to complete it if you play a bit, even inconsistently... That and skins are basically their only source of income but they do fine. I'd have begrudgingly put in even more money to get it if it was easier and I'm sure others would but I've put too much money into buying killers at it is to buy a [BAD WORD] battlepass. It's not like fortnites where your guaranteed to make it back if you play enough because you need to play alot longer to have a hope in hell and tbh the rewards aren't even that great and that's just a fact. It's just pure greed and the Devs thinking people should be rebuying their pass everyday unless they are unemployed/don't care about their academics and play dbd like it's their full time job.

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