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Question about Points earned from Healing.

Will "surgical Suture" and "Needle & Thread" stack when it comes to the extra bloodpoint bonus for hitting great skill checks? And are the bloodpoints capped or can you earn a endless amount? Same for healing in general, is it all capped?

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  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 4,401


    Basically what Fibijean said, they you'll hit the cap faster but you won't actually gain points above said cap.

    It's in-general a waste of combine these add-ons, you should honestly just use the best of the two and use something else for the 2nd add-on slot.

    Maybe something like an add-on that increases the skillcheck rate or skillcheck chances I suppose? If you're after BPs and can hit skillchecks pretty well than try that out!

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