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DbD has an absolutely horrible new connection system/keepalive

SubZeroBRSubZeroBR Member Posts: 3
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There's nothing else to say really. I'm just getting frustrated going back after a while to DbD and in 2 days trying to play. Yes, I play many other online games on Steam and have no problems connection-wise at all with dedicated servers, either they do work or they don't, and this is the case here.

I've tried to play DbD after the update and I get disconnected at 99% of the games. Sometimes it disconnects at the loading screen, or at the 10 seconds mark, 30 seconds mark, 5-10 minutes ingame, there's no pattern really. Tried verifying cache, redownloading the game, using new/old GPU drivers and the result is always the same. The problem is entirely based on the new connection system. This is very annoying after 361 hours of fun with the old "minor" bugs. Not only that, but now people say the game punishes you with softbans (didn't happen so far to me) and I'm slowly losing pips so my rank is completely ruined, making the game which is essentially online, unplayable and not fun.

Also worth mentioning that it's taking 5-15 minutes sometimes to find games, whereas last time I played a couple months ago you could find games much faster.

I'm on PC, i7 9700k, 32gb ram, RTX 2080TI, Win10 and GPU drivers up to date.

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  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,646

    There's definitely something not right with the dedicated servers and the matchmaking system, but I know the team are looking into it. They identified a couple of other potential issues with it within the past couple of days.

    Obviously that doesn't help you NOW, so let's try and do that. :) It looks like you're running a wired connection, which is good. Last week, someone suggested making sure your network adapter is running at 1gbps, as apparently that fixed the issue for them.

    Also, what region are you in? We're trying to track what specific areas are having issues.

    And finally, if you could submit that log file to https://support.deadbydaylight.com it'll help them track down the problems.

  • SubZeroBRSubZeroBR Member Posts: 3

    Hey KhaineGB, thanks for the reply! So yes I'm running wired and it's set at 1gbps allright. Playing from Brazil. I'll try playing a few more games today and see what happens and also submit the logfile to the URL you mentioned, in a few minutes. I'll reply with today's playtest results later on. 😄

  • SubZeroBRSubZeroBR Member Posts: 3
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    Yeah....the situation has not changed yet, disconnecting every game. I've also sent the file on the support website.

    I've found out that there's a nasty bug in the basement as well, once you get hooked a black screen appears and never goes away, effectively ending the game (and all the fun) after the first hook.

    I'm pretty disappointed and will probably move on to another game if these two bugs are not fixed as top priority, sadly.

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  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,646

    Basement bug is definitely known. That turned up with the oni patch.

    I think there's a hotfix out/going out to help with disconnection issues NOW, so hopefully that'll help in that regard. :)

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