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DS Tweak Idea

rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 20

Love the idea of DS. I balance between both killer and survivor. (Not trying to start a war like most forum posts here, I promise. Just wanted to share an idea)

Idea: Add this to the end of DS's current description "if another player is placed on a hook while you are NOT in the bleedout state, Decisive Strike becomes inactive."

So if you are tunneled down within a minute you still get DS. Slugged or not, you get a minute. But if the killer takes the time to stop chasing you, down, clean weapon, pick up, and hook someone else while you are still up. That is at minimum of... 5+ seconds? Of them not able to even look at you (let alone tunnel).

I'm sure there are exceptions, but I believe in most cases this would help make DS better at anti-tunneling and less able to be abused (cuz I sure know how to abuse it. I'm guilty too :P) a 5+ second head start is a decisive strike in and of itself in my opinion.

DS Tweak Idea 12 votes

This tweak would help
41% 5 votes
This tweak would harm
25% 3 votes
Leave it alone
33% 4 votes


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