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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Perk rework ideas

Just gonna get straight into it. These are all the perks that I think need a buff or rework. Every other perk in my opinion is good. Let me know opinions and what perks you think need buff, nerf, or rework.

Beast of prey - should also make it so you gain blood lust 30/40/50% faster

Cruel limits - increase the range from 24 meters to 32 meters

Hex: thrill of the hunt - it should show the killers a little icon above the hex totems letting killers know which totem is for which hex perk. So you'll be able to see which totem is ruin, devour hope, and all the rest. That way you can see which totem you should protect more.

I'm all ears - decrease the range from 48 meters to 36 meters and decrease the cool down to 40/30/20 seconds

Insidious - make it so it doesn't work within 24 meters of hook survivor but the undetectable status from insidious last for 6/8/10 seconds after standing still for 2 seconds

Iron maiden - increase exposed timer from 15 seconds to 20 seconds and increase aura revealed time from 3 to 6 seconds

Monstrous shrine - 

Overwhelming presence - should also make items 30/40/50% less effective

Play with your food - you should only lose tokens when you hit obsession or put a survivor in dying state

Predator - make it so scratch marks last 1/2/3 seconds longer

Surge - should be able to stack with pop goes the weasel

Territorial imperative - no cool down, survivors auras are shown to you for as long as they are in the basement. When surviors leave basement you can see their aura for 3 seconds

Zanshin tactics - increase range from 24 metres to 32 metres

Any means necessary - remove the cool down. Or rework it so that the perk should either reinforce pallets making it so pallets stun are 1/2/3 seconds longer and takes 1/2/3 seconds longer to break (can play around with numbers and all). Obviously to reinforce you would to do a action on it that takes around the same time to heal. Or the perk should allow you to fix broken pallets, but you can only fix broken pallets once per pallet.

Better together - increase aura range from 32 to 48 metres

Borrowed time - unlimited uses and work for both hooked survivor and survivor unhooking (only if the unhooking survivor is injured) 

Buckle up - should have unlimited aura reading range

Decisive strike - if its activated it should be able to stop a mori and give another chance (used to counter mori's now mori's are too strong)

Distortion - shouldn't start with any tokens, build up tokens for every 30 seconds within terror radius or in Chase and decrease the timer from 10 to 6 seconds.

Diversion - decrease timer from 45 seconds to 30 seconds

No mither - should start fully healed, killer can't see the broken symbol, and only adrenaline can heal to full

Open handed - increase the range to 8/10/12 metres

Premonition - reduce cool down to 60/40/20 seconds

Slippery meat - greatly increase the wiggle progress every time killer drops you also increase chance to unhook yourself by 5/10/15%

Solidarity - work with or without medkit

Up the ante - not so much a buff to the perk but more to luck. Luck should increase the chance for you to find rarer items in chest and with those items having add-ons

Vigil - makes debuffs 10/20/30% less effective also reduces the cool down timer of perks by 10/15/20%



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