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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Pay your respects to legion here

Congrats BHVR. Legion is officially dead with these changes:

  • Deep Wound timer will no longer go down when Sprinting or Mending. Deep Wound is no longer connected with the Killers terror radius.
  • Mend times for Deep Wound reduced: 12 seconds while mending yourself, 8 seconds while being mended by someone else.
  • Attacking while in Feral Frenzy will no longer be a basic attack. This means that perks that trigger with a basic attack will no longer trigger under this circumstance.

Personally, I haven't played him since his rework and won't touch him until he gets the buffs he deserves.

In the meantime, let's all press F

Thank you BHVR, you always listen to our feedback



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