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out of map after hooked in the basement !

shardsshards Member Posts: 79
edited December 2019 in Other

when i got downed in the myers house - i could not wiggle. then the killer carried me to the basement i was floating in the sky (couldn't press any buttons, struggle etc. ) eventually my teammate unhooked me (picture 2) and healed me but i was still in the sky realm. i got back for a second when the killer came back and killed me.


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  • PricklyPrickly Member Posts: 2

    I've experienced the same issue after being hooked in the basement in Wrecker's Yard.

    This happened after I was hooked.

    This is a teammate healing me

    I couldn't move at all the entire time this was happening, so when the killer came back I got hit again.

    After this I was rehooked and the screen snapped back to the first screenshot I posted, when I was in struggle mode I didn't need to push the buttons the game auto struggled for me until I died.

  • shardsshards Member Posts: 79

    happened to me again in wretched shop. it might be all basement hooks regardless of map

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