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No Mither Tweak

rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 39

Hey, its me, the one who never wants to start forum wars. So! Here's an idea I had. Just wanted to hear what people think :)

No other perks let the killer know what perk you are running from the beginning of the game other than no mither (I think) And the perk already has such a strong downside. Why not appear healthy on the bottom left to the killer until he downs you. Once downed, the little broken icon appears and things return to the way they are now.

This allows you to run no mither without the killer hunting you from the jump (or knowing to be a little more thorough with their search) You can be stealthy, and it isn't until the killer SEES you that he/she knows that you are a gen God. XD

No Mither Tweak 4 votes

This Change Would Help
75% 3 votes
This Change Would Harm
0% 0 votes
Leave it alone
25% 1 vote
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