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Why exhaustion perks are bad and why devs shloud stop doing these

KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

First of all everone agrees, that vanilla survs are stronger than vanilla killers (vanilla - no perks) keep this statement in mind while reading throught the post.

So let's assume that mindbreaker is perfect counter to exhaustion perks. It disables all of them permamently for the rest of the trial. In best possible scenario you will limit survivors perk slot to 3, sacrifising one of yours too. In this case, its more favourable for survivors, because killers depend more of then than survs. You need something to slow the game down due to gen speed, some tracking and anty-looping perks, to prevent looping for ertenity. Althought you disabled all exhaustion perks that survivors have, they can still loop you without them. Throught the game, you will regret yor decision picking mindbreaker, and you would wish to pick something that is more usefull.

Stop making perks that poorly if not at all counters survivor perks that they not may even have. It's simply random if you limit survivor perks to 3, at the cost of your own, or only limiting your perk slots to 3. Pick up curel limits to cuerly limit your perk slots to 2.

Of course im not only here to complain.


Simply replace exhaustion with hindred, both in mindreaker and blood echo. It will make these perks usefull in every trial.


(Increased mindbreaker exhaustion time from 3 to 5 seconds)

Mindbreaker and Blood echo gets a new unique passive.

While exhausted, survivors are hindred. Doesn't stack.

Of course my sugestions may not be good solution, but these perks need to be buffed or at lease stop making anti-exhaustion perks.

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