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Trapper with a single add-on type

C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 304
edited December 3 in Creations

I just tried double add-on of the same type with 3-4 matches each, which are:

  1. Yellow Jaw, Green Jaw (cause heavy bleeding)
  2. Brown Bag, Yellow Bag (able to carry much more traps)
  3. Green Coil, Purple Coil (extend disarm time)
  4. Yellow Darken, Green Darken (make traps hard to see)
  5. Yellow Setting, Green Setting (faster setting time)
  6. Red Stone, Red Coil (Ultra rare add-on combo)

I can tell (2) able to carry more traps is the best one for Trapper, while (1) (3) are the worst to me. It proved just by able to carry more than 1 trap - Bag addon is a MUST have for Trapper, the problem is that will always take an add-on slot.

No matter how fast setting trap is, it will be always inferior to able to carry at least 2 traps. As 1sec less setting trap < 30sec place random trap and walk to the edge of the map to pick the other one.

Brown Bag addon should be a default


  • TapeKnotTapeKnot Member Posts: 28

    This isn't art, a cosplay, or a chapter idea. This doesn't belong in Creations...

  • ahandfulofrainahandfulofrain Member Posts: 528

    Trapper should definitely have 2 traps at base. I would even say his default setting speed should be the grey gloves speed.

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