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Please add Colorblind Settings

Let me start by saying: I know you don’t want to change blood and I’m not asking for it here.

Let me repeat: I know you don’t want to change blood and I’m not asking for it here. Would it be nice to not need bloodhound if I want to follow blood on an outdoor map? Yes, but I also get your point that everyone would run colorblind settings for easy blood following, so I am NOT asking for it here.

That being said, can you please add an option to turn the red glow of objects (gens, Totems, traps, hooks, auras, sound notifications, scratch marks) to blue or something colorblind friendly please? Every single “important” color outside of Surveillance, Discordance and hooks with people on them are red, and it gets really annoying as a colorblind person to constantly need to rely on my lackluster ability to see red. The auras of everything I mentioned are intended to be used at will by anyone who can see them, so allowing for colorblind options wouldn’t alter the game like blood coloring would. Just, please. Instead of only saying “we don’t want to change blood for this reasonable reason” at least tell us why you won’t let us change the constant red of persistent auras and scratches, which are intended to be seen regularly (while blood is a second option in the event of no scratches.)


  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    Yes, for the love that is all that is holy, YES! I've been petitioning for this for almost a year now with, "We'll definitely look into it." Then nothing. Not even a reply for it from the AMA.

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