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Wiggle Bar Delay 3.4.0

Wolf_AnomalyWolf_Anomaly Member Posts: 1
edited December 3 in Other

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: Wiggle Bar is not appearing occasionally until several seconds later or not at all. Which doesn't allow you to wiggle for that duration.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): It appears to be random, perks don't matter I reproduced it after a couple games of KYF, randomly when you get picked up you just won't have a wiggle bar

How often does this occur: It seems to be infrequent, but from playing Killer games this patch, several teams have reported not having a wiggle bar when I hooked them and being unable to wiggle all game. When I tried reproducing the bug in KYF I had no wiggle bar, and then after about 5-10 seconds the wiggle bar appeared when I was being carried. It's not happening every game and does not appear to be associated with any perks, regardless of what perk is being used the bug still happens.

Edit: Video of Bug Happening, first down unable to wiggle.


  • symptom101symptom101 Member Posts: 22

    Yup just happened to me as a survivor and came here to report it and found this post. It is random. The wiggle bar appeared half a second right before I got hooked which was pretty much useless.

  • SaturnsDaughterSaturnsDaughter Member Posts: 1

    This is happening on Xbox as well. I'm playing as a survivor and my friend and I both experienced it in two different games.

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